I was on the road when you come to a tree

October 15 [Tue], 2013, 17:43
I was on the road when you come to a tree, I used the past thousand years of cultivation into a world you can Moshou tree, only to complete the long-cherished wish ---- Past accompanied with your world. spring occasion, slipped out of the winter prime makeup, lazy, stretch, honestly hope, I miss open into flowers. Every time the tears will be a overwhelming Huayu, there were numerous are my thoughts, and all this just for you smell my fragrance, I exist in your world perception. Your one; The flowers are fragrant ah! But let me excited for a long time. summer, I put thoughts into dark green leaves, the wide thick, thin body to withstand the weight of this Acacia leaf pressing my torso, heavy breath. Inflammation Day pledge, if this temperature to destroy everything that you always like the shade beneath me, of course, to accompany you along with her, you stay forever, sweet, and all I can do is just hope you innocently silent happiness, to continue to provide you my cool. Reluctant to sun damage to you, I strive to prop up their leaves, a large umbrella top tightly in your head, but my happiest moment than waiting. Night ugg boots sundance II has been very quiet, and only a little bit of insects, stars like Snooze children, Xinxin Ran opened his eyes, yawned moon, I stand in this vast expanse of darkness, thinking of you, pregnant with hope in our past. Inadvertently, the liquid crystal fall down, wet leaves. Night has been deep, but I could not sleep a long time, you're still my thoughts are active, over and over, again and again ...... if I will appear in your sweet dreams? I would like to daydream.

finally, fall still to come, I'm afraid of the fall, she is like a powerful demon, ruthlessly stripped of my clothes, she seemed to hate all the beautiful things. I was pain cry, but the most painful thing is that you will not come back in the shade, I do not see you laugh filled with sunshine, but do not feel the breath of spring-like you. I was very lonely, very frightened, the night is no longer beautiful dream, even on weekdays twitter tits are missing, only bits and pieces, Xixishushu, the faint light of the night hideous. Night, dead silence, so still only hear the sound of my heart tears flooding. How many nights, I quietly close your eyes, devout praying: morrow you will hit passed me, I would like a butterfly leaves hovering in the air, accompanied by thoughts waving, then you'll pick up a bow , distressed sorry ...... but this ultimately just a dream, a ridiculously unrealistic dream, watch how many times, and your shadow has always never appears. winter, everything becomes more quiet, snow throughout the world, and all have been washed clean, noisy, the world did not breath, and fell asleep. I am looking forward, looking forward to the day when, in this vast expanse of white, there will be a string of footprints you, but that only footprints had appeared in my fantasy. Thoughts year, a year of waiting, I was very tired, and I struggled to close my eyes. Fortunately, in my dreams I'm not lonely, they can see you in my dreams, your shadow, your profile,ugg boots adirondack II your smile, there is the sky of the sun, I only dare shallow laugh, fearing scare take you, broken dreams, no longer afraid of you passed me. I always remember that past, affectionately by your side, talk forever, round after round of the highest power, and now I can only do a humble watch you every day and look forward to your tree, so, day after day , year after year, time is changing, space is changing, the same is my heart waiting, years increased my thick, also increased my thoughts, I used this life waiting, willing or an afterlife tree, waiting for you and put you in the most hidden depths. king of earnest study, only for lifetimes dream. In the vicissitudes of reincarnation willing to do a silent watcher.
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