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January 24 [Fri], 2014, 17:02
Easter toys to make the little lamb

Red Ted Art of Maggy Woodley on doing Easter children' toys series kids toys teach people do in its toys for kids: a lamb.

In many countries, the lamb is the symbol of Easter -- they are a symbol of spring.We love these lambs, they are also very easy to make.You can put them into all sorts of color, if you want, also can make them walk around.My son has recently made its toys for kids.


Board preferably black or white, other colors can also be, cotton, glue, scissors, and a pen.


Consists of three parts: 1, lambs are one body, legs and tail, head consists of two parts.

2, the board can be folded in half.Draw the body, legs and tail, and then cut them.Folded cardboard will constitute the lamb on the back and tail.

3, two oval cut out for the head and stick them together again - each one end of the ellipse adhesion on the body, on the other side, and another oval.This creates a lamb topic structure, but also can prevent the lamb legs stretched too far.

4, stick enough cotton my son love this step.

5, draw the eyes, ears and mouth.

6, wearing cotton, ribbons, or directly after it we did.