It feels good being praised by a friend <3 

May 19 [Mon], 2008, 13:41
Have you ever been praised by a friend that it made you feel really good inside? Well, that happened to me on Saturday when me and my friend Grace were heading back to the train staion to go back home from Little Tokyo for her bday hangout. And if it werent for me who wouldnt show up, then she wouldve been there by herself. But me and her had fun and during late afternoon two of her other friends came and hanged out with us until they went to Chinatown XD;; and her other friend metup with us over at the arcade thats down there in J town. But when she told me that Im a good friend, it made me really happy. And thats one of the first few rare times that someone has said that to me in person other than online and on the phone. So I felt grateful when she told me that I love and care for my friends no matter what happens <3

no, Im not dead ~.~ 

May 10 [Sat], 2008, 7:37
Hello~ Well, Im back and havent been doing much since all I do is stay home which is boring and is making me feel lonely as well (until my mom gets home from work and when I talk to my toshi nii on AIM and also my friend Peter but his nickname[s] are Kei kun and Jun chan) but Im used to it. (except when my boy friend calls me) but I have been reading mangas online and been watching anime as well.

first time here 

March 02 [Sun], 2008, 10:23
hi hi everyone. well, my name is samichan, Im 21 years old, I live in the USA, Im a fan of anime/manga, and I love listening to anime and jrock music <3 I like to read and draw anime since Im planning onto become a mang-ka
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