Look out! 

2010年04月12日(月) 10時17分
Today is the day! It is finally here!!! ^^ I'm so happy no one can ever make me sad!
Well, some people only thinks I HAVE this blog. But in reality I obviously have other blogs!!

I'm not a Loner, I have loads of people by my side!
And today, I'm going out to get something I've waited a month for!
So the feeling of nervousness is getting to my head! I'm gonna get it and come back home
Do a video and Post it in Youtube!
Oohh! and not to forget blog about it!

I wanna share this with people who CAREs
Not like some other people who only likes to stay behind the computer and judging people like you're so amazing.
Phew~ not to care about humans like those! trash of the world!
La la la at least I live for something!!! And it's the best feeling in the world!

God, please take away all those trashy human beings on earth AWAY from earth.... Thanks!
I pray to god everynight and everyday. God loves me and Loves you too.. Be sure to pray!

He'll save you from this society full of cowarded peoples!! ^^
And by praying calms you down.
God never spent a minute ignoring us...
He's always watching us~
I'm showered by his blessing and I shall share this blessings with
people who don't have it!


Keep it coming! 

2010年04月11日(日) 5時09分
Yeah I like it like that! Keep those fucking comments coming! If you leave your link in the comments maybe I can visit your blog and comment something lovely for you!

Yay!! Some girl is arguing with me on YAPLOG!! HAHAHA
I don't even give a damn!
Come on, bring more!

I'd think that you're either a loner or a bookworm.
Sticking to your comp in the middle of the night.

Seriously I was just browsing through my emails and I saw replies from this bitch!
I was like " WOW! she actually had time to kindly LEAVE A COMMENT ON MY BLOG, she must be a real LONER"

I have come this far to create what I want, but this problem, it ain't my fault!
It's "THAT" slut's fault.

So god sees, she'll get her payment, I'm gonna play the good girl now!
so what if I like animes and Cartoons??
I don't have to be a small girl to like those right?

I mean even geeky old men Likes them. So I wonder what would you call them?

Lollicon??? la la la la~
This woman is out of her mind!
I'm having so much fun and she's using so much to think to put in her comment!
I really pity her!


Come on! 

2010年04月07日(水) 8時11分
You know what? Bring it on!
I decided to change and be violent on facts that I have to be violent!
So come on bitch!

You wanna fight? Bring your gang!
You can't defeat me over the net!
Hiding behind you computer screen and bashing people up with bad comments signifies you as a COWARD!

: P Bring you shit on!
You wanna ask me to suicide?
When the day you die and ressurect I will still be here Bitch!
YEAH!, You can't get rid of me!

I stand strong in My heart and soul!
If you take the time to read and view my blog, not to mention COMMENT on my blog ...
Means you're an awfully lonely blogger.
Wow, I've never met someone like you before ..

A Lone blogger, how does it feel???
I wanna know, I don't want to experience it you get what I mean?
Sigh, maybe for some people like you, you don't get what I'm typing right?
So that's why you're replying in Japanese.
If you wanna fight with me, I dare you to type in ENGLISH!

Saying my english is worst than a wanna-be like you?
PUI! Baka mitai!: P (deco: otomedojo ~ 934)


2010年04月05日(月) 5時44分
I just posted my entry not too long ago, like only an hour and a nasty comment came it! What the fuck!

Can't I use this blog freely?

If not why is it free of charge when I was registering??

Listen barley, it's on my own free will to type a blog. So get lost of my life!

You say that I look stupid?

Why thank you very much ~

I just started learning Japanese ... get lost!
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