look at the leaves into the heart

May 08 [Wed], 2013, 10:55
Shi Feng inspection body. The results still show fifty exercises, and no special changes, even difficult to find more deep relationship with God, ding that, look at the leaves into the heart, the above pattern is the Ning is solid, is ready to come out from the inside, in addition, change nothing strange. What's the matter. He simply hunker down, hard to see. For a while, just open your eyes. "What was found." Eight God Ding leaned over and asked,Air Jordan Shoes, he also found the stone front changed a little, but do not know where to change. "Then Tiansheng tree began to play a secret." Shi Feng road. Eight God Ding binocular projection naked, say by Tiansheng tree that it really is that he can not be common sense to look at, especially after the almost sure of his judgment, more feel, then Tiansheng tree will bring changes in Shi Feng beat all, perhaps is the stone Feng future to key points in this hitherto unknown super age can rise. He asked: "what's the secret." "No clear." Shi Feng road. "Then how do you know to play the secret.",Jordan UK sale; Eight God Ding strange way. "I can feel, very strong feeling, then Tiansheng tree has a heart,Nike Air Jordan 12 UK, like a person without heart finally find their own heart, and it also progress so far, like a dragon, if can be in advance of a dragon, I should be able to master then the mystery of Tiansheng tree, now the Tiansheng tree is poor, it is difficult to play." Shi Feng will be your feelings. Eight God Ding listens, thought about, "what you say is possible, then Tiansheng tree is doomed to shock God tree crown, and this impact need advanced, far beyond our imagination, perhaps Kowloon root, Virginia coagulation are only preliminary, so its mystery play, at least seven dragon root can also understand." Shi Feng mused: "not to understand, but the seven dragon root is to play pick Tiansheng tree secret threshold, barely able to play out, I need as soon as possible of Kowloon root evolved, so should be able to play a more powerful sacred tree." "The Holy tree. Ah, it should be the ultimate upanishads...... Heaven and earth will control." Eight God Ding hey hey laugh. "Why, we are finally concluded that you heaven and earth will now control the identity." Shi Feng road. Ding, God Laughs: "sure, I always did not fully grasp of, say, only interference judgment, now assured, the so-called Xinghai probably the God tree crown is that the legendary resting places, should be in the most inner layer, and it should be in the infinite decline., and will be accompanied by the dashed itself will die." "To me, God Ding was born, pattern forming is the next day the tree crown hundreds of leaves in a leaf condensed, so my death on the fate of the force is that it gives me, why give me this, is so that I could not have been God, and even Yu Shengjun's slaying, and my there is probably a standby." He seems to know a lot of things. Spare. Shi Feng was a little surprised, God Ding self explanatory. Just listen >
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