less sugar. please. 

October 12 [Thu], 2006, 22:02

i am so pissed amused that someone actually use that nick changing trick
and doesn't even noticed about the IP address being the same
n i am especially pissed amused that that person used my nick
to flame on a best friend of mine
click here.
wtf, indeed mate.
like duuuuuuuuude haf u no brains or sumthing? hahahahahahaha
oh god, i nearly choked laughing. but i didn't. =D
puh-lease moronic faggot-さん, stop doing idiotic things
its killing me senseless, really.

n plus, this is a blog.
i signed up to blog. n i will blog.
it's a free country, n i'm enjoying my freedom of speech.
english or japanese.


May 31 [Wed], 2006, 11:23
i haven't been myself for quite sometime now
i've lost my innocence a few years back
i wish i could turn back time
that lil girl who has passion, strength, strong willpower
and doesn't know the meaning of pain
i want to be that lil girl again.

i don't want anyone to change me
for the worse, or for the better
i want to change myself, so that i would not regret
i would never regret my own mistakes
living for another is a stupid thing
but killing yourself for yourself is even worse
i won't run away from my problems anymore
i am only 17. i haf a lot of years ahead of me to live if god wills it
so i will live life to the fullest
let's hope that i get out of this dump soon enough

i am selfish. so what?
i want things for my own selfish needs
and i try my best to get it
things, dreams, people
i love to just ask for all those directly
i hate the answer no
but don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean i don't think
i am not trying to make myself seem complicated
but human beings ARE complicated,
and don't fuck around wif me telling me they're not
cos if you don't think so, u're not really a human are u?

someone told me that he has given up on his bestfriends
which makes me think, that i too have given up on em
i just didn't want to believe it then.
yes, this is how i feel, how i think
so wutever u think of me now, keep it to urself
i don't want to lose anyone
i am simply voicing out how i feel. don't tell me that's a crime?

and you, i told you, no matter wut i heard i still like you
it's not fair to make assumptions on sumone u dun really know
so dun make assumptions on me like you really know me
you've shown a bit of ur darkside
but you have never seen mine.
i am not as good and pure as u think
and when tat time comes, i hope tat u will accept me as i am
ure not perfect, neither am i.
but i really wish for things to work out.

and also you, i thank you. and im sorry.
i am a stupid lil girl after all.

GOD damn it all 

March 02 [Thu], 2006, 1:49
OMG! i am so frickkin bored!!
why does yaplog take such a long fucking time to load neways?!
shoot me now for i am an old perverted man! for pete's sake LOAD already!
im like writing in notepad now.. adsgasjdgjfhsgjaalhadshajh!!!
ugh! i hate my life right now. it's a mess! everything! right from home to school,
even my net-life is infected by this damned disease!!
i have like no time to think about people who think they are SO "special" just cos
they got a bf or they got a stinkin disco ball.. like so fucked!
i have no sense of style.. my hair's a mess, i feel like a frickkin insomniac, and for the love of GOD! NO! i dun haf time to think about stupid ppl!
i don't wanna go to school now.. i dun wanna think about SPM
i wish tat all these would just stop!
FUCKING HELL! wat is wrong wif these ppl?! they should just shut the fuck up and go die

ahh.. now that i've gotten that out of my system (well, not really)
i will now talk about.... nothing
well.. tat's the thing tat popped out of my head.. nothing
ugh.. i hate sissy gals

x x x 

March 01 [Wed], 2006, 17:46
am i destined to remain the same?
to be just a worthless junk?
everything i did just destroys everything
no light, no love, no hope

am i destined to be a sadist?
or am i just another masochist?
hurt you, hurt me
it will never end

will you keep your promises?
will i break mine?
i will not move on
instead i will stay just like the procrastinator i am

do you love another?
do i love you?
my heart it dissipates into small pieces of anxiety
nothing with meaning turns into nothing at all

will i sing with passion?
or will it be out of hate?
it will all mix inside of me
as i gasp for more

can i stop the feelings?
can i stand my own lies?
for everytime tat reminds me
i won't stop myself from caring

the tears will fall

3.33 make a WISH 

February 05 [Sun], 2006, 22:05
music: Shiina Ringo - Queen of Kabuchyo Marunouchi
mood: sick

ahh.. i am so sick today. very. i even threw up oranges.
headache.. aha.
sukantara in the morning.. i dun think i will be able to go to school.

but last nite was great!! ^-^
i chatted wif mr suk/davidhue again. i wuff yew sookie!
i had a nice time chatting, even tho it made me sick in the morning.
thank you.

i wanna watch Velvet Goldmine!!!
even Placebo's in it!!

ahh.. i still feel sick. hope i can get better soon.
i hope to chat wif sookie again.


☆ ☆ ☆ ... s t a r s &astronauts 

January 26 [Thu], 2006, 1:44
fuckity fuck. i am so busy
THANK GOD im not going to school tomorrow.
n yes, i noticed i hafn't updated for quite sum time.

im going to start with, ive dyed my hair black!
it was really really black at first, but now.. a bit brown-ish

sum of the gals in my class, were mocking the class board.
shut the fuck up, the only reason we did the newspaper thing first,
was to save ur sorry lil arses from running around the fucking padang.
like gawd, did they really think me n mike was gonna use tat thing?!
fucking sissies dunno wat's good fer em.
so wat if we've been procrastinating?!

ahh.. i did a tee! toshiya-fan!!! *o*
i am so proud! but sadly i used the old tee..
it had stains on it..

and also, i did this cg thingy. for this pin-up patch!
i used リク・さりた as the model! n im really really happy at the outcome!
the hair was a lot of fun.

school's been a bitch tho.
homeworks flooding like it's kelantan or sumthing. ugh.
started reading Abhorsen a few days ago. *o* just as good as Sabriel.
i wuff u Mogget <333

oh yea! HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY RAZI!! otanjoubi omedetou!

oshare-kei w a n n a b e 

January 08 [Sun], 2006, 1:35
going back to school... one word.. SUCKS.
i hafta face that horrible feeling of incoming homeworks..
stupid annoying whothinktheyknowitall brats.
n.. frickkin SPM! O_O

on the bright-side.. im gonna be 17! woooooo!
which means.. im.. getting old..
wait wait.. noooooo! i dun wanna be old!!
peter pan!! take me wif u!

hmm.. im like.. teh class decorater fer the 2443804727398743th time.
working wif mike again! wee! *o*
our idea this year.. is so gonna blow ur fucking sox off.
i hope.

2006 sux..

shitty shitty..

im going back to black soon.

oh yea.. XD i saw momo in jusco.
u should've bought TWISTER. u monopoly-lover.

i feel like crying. frickking emotions.

d r a g queen <3 

December 31 [Sat], 2005, 3:02
aha! O_O sumone said i never update my blog. *cough* (i wonder who)
well... i've taken the pain pleasure to blog about sumthing now!


today.. my dad commented on me n my piano class..
it seems he's hinting telling me to stop!
n well.. hmm.. n i feel the same way too (?)
anyways! my sis is like.. gonna move out of the house soon fer a job.
OMG! this means.. MY OWN ROOM! *o* wee!

school's opening soon.. n i hafn't even touched my homewerk
much less seen it.. i am so gonna be dead.
i took pics today! be warned.. girly pics ahead

私はこの写真をすき!i this pic!

第2 写真です!2nd pic!

conclusion : i suck at being girly.

and oh yes!!! *o* i remember one more thing!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2006!!
明けましておめでとう! 2006 年!

hope that everyone will have a great year ahead of them.
n may you all haf many many bouncing bunnies.

Mi 「み」

p/s: to Momo, may u find sumone next year n still get straight A's fer SPM! woooooo!!

☆ m a d e in MOMO ☆ 

December 27 [Tue], 2005, 3:27

私は私が椎名林檎 を愛するかどの位忘れていた
i forgot how much i love shiina ringo
it seems momo has gone bored...
so i guess.. this post is dedicated to him! はい!

momo「もも」/sherwan.. hmm.. i guess.. is one of my close boy friends!
boy friend yah! not boyfriend.. there's a strong difference! XO

he's really spunky! n nice n good-looking too! (hah! perasan la tu!)
i first met him when i was in.. form 2? i guess..
but we weren't close back then.
and now.. we chat a lot! lol!! good times aye.
now his hair, already dyed! fua! much more handsome! LOL!
waaai! his bday is on 15th June! same age as me!

hmm.. wat else.. wat else.. oh yea!
i went to his house once, open house! i really love the FOOD!
and inside his house.. damn gold! XD yellow la.. yellow.

tat's all i guess... hmm.. i will end this post wif sum words and his picture!

i this pic! <333

well momo! i hope that ure happy.

seaside c i r c u s ♪ 

December 26 [Mon], 2005, 19:56
i slept at 5.14 am last night after doing a lot of work..
i guessed it was time for a good-earned rest.
6.45 am, my dad woke me up to go to pulai spring for their business event.
i helped out from early morning til 6 pm.
i got short naps at 5. and had to get my ass off to pack up.

私の姉ちゃんと私と私の弟. my sis, me and my lil bro

私の弟と私. my bro and me

i look so cool

it was fun. and at the end, the result:
i look like shit. wee *o*

a few days back.. kyo kyo got online!
i miss her so much! *-*
she was sick before that ;_;
we were on webcam! she looks damn cool!


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