Demain... anniversaire.... T_T 

2009年02月08日(日) 22時39分
Demain, ce sera le jour de mon anniversaire....21ans. Comme le temps passe vite, trop vite à mon gout. Cependant, l'année de mes 21ans, j'aimerais trouver un travail stable, avoir mon chez moi en centre ville près du canal, me fiancée (n'est-ce pas.... qu'attend-tu pour me le demander??) et qui sais, peut-etre avoir un enfantドキドキ
Je n'ai toujours pas été à la patisserie commander mon gateau d'anniversaire..... Si j'attend encore, demain il n'y en aura pas et je soufflerais mes bougies sur mon fromage et mon yaourth xD
Je me demande si demain je n'irais pas au restaurant...j'ai envis d'aller manger japonais, moi qui n'ai jamais manger ce genre de nourriture, ce serais une bonne occasion, non? En plus mon frère est venus passer le week-end à la maison, je suis contente de le voir^^


2008年08月20日(水) 6時42分
The words of a friend can sometimes be hurtful.
I have not changed. I stayed the same person with whom he loved to spend time and day overnight, after a month's vacation, I despise the highest point and speaks to me as if I was a bad insect
The problem stems from him or me? I ask myself questions and I said that, in fact, it is absolutely right, I am nothing more than what he said. And it hurt me even more.


2008年08月07日(木) 0時08分
Tomorrow, I go to the zoo with my brother. This makes for a long time that I'm not gone. I will see penguins, I'm happy, I love these animals is so cute. It is not that I forget to buy a small stuffed penguin.
And there are also white baby tigre, the last time I go there had of any small, so cute.

But ... I do not want to go see snakes and crocodiles>. <

I want to see eagles show, it's splendid.


2008年07月21日(月) 6時06分
Today... not a really bad day... It was calm^w^
To be able to listen to silence, it exist nothing better.
Soon on August 2.... Xtr3m Hard Night, a party organized by my brother and his girlfriend.
Xtr3m Xtr3m Xtr3m Xtr3m !!!! Xtrem party oh yeah!!!

We will put a hell atmosphere!!!! Come on!

This afternoon, I have speaking with a very nice koreen.
His so nice, very and he learn french language. I wish to help him in this training^w^

Energy Drink^w^ 

2008年07月19日(土) 3時00分
The energy drinks have a candy odor

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