【let me get restart】 

April 08 [Sat], 2006, 16:49
Hi there all :-9
well......I've been thinking what I should do for my poor English improvement.
then! I've decided to write this diary in English again,
I mean I was trying to write a diary in English long time ago....
but I couldn't keep writing everyday and got tired of that....seriously!! lol
Im a kind of lazy peroson though.
anyway,I'll try to write my usual days here;-)
If you are interested in me or my diary,just have fun and give your comments

oh! by the way......

I've been considering too much for my future jobs and dreams!
I think most people have their special dreams,
but I guess it's not easy to make successful of your all dreams.
What I mean is making or doing for something special are pretty hard,
you gotta do disgusting works for your success..

As some of you know about my dream that Im going to learn pretty soon is make-up.
I actually dont have enough confidence to do that....
I mean I dont think I can be the one,a professional make-up airtist,
I have a special luck instead.....
well...my firend told me that you should never give in before you work on it.
Nobody knows what will happen to you...
So,I'll see how I feel when I work on the make-up program.

I feel littele anxious and much excited about my new life,scool.

Im almost freaking out becase of thinking tooooo much, you know?
gonig to be crazy and be lazy day by day......lol
I cant stop crying-----------:-(----------------- kiddin though!

do your best as you can!
cheer up!
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