she went to the table on the other

May 15 [Wed], 2013, 17:28
Also did not ask Akiba why still here, Yan Yingrong eyes gaze on those foods, bulging belly disappointing exclaimed, frowning said: "a lot of food, you actually had to eat, is not enough meaning, to meet half, I also want to eat. F è isuz Lo "mouth spoke, she went to the table on the other side, bent down to not hesitate to grab the front plate. "What, you bandits ah, this is all my hard to do, they also eat......" If not finished, Akiba did not utter a word, because the two white V shaped neckline opposite beautiful nightgown. Inside the big steamed buns and fibrillation, see his eyes are straight, well, looks very nice,Jordan 8 Sale! Yan Yingrong visit to grab something to eat, did not feel exposed, she sat in the chair, holding a fried eggs a bite off small half, praise: "you can craft ah, fried good ah!" She eat pretty sweet, also the tongue licked the beautiful y ù dripping lips. Autumn feather Adam's Apple moved, swallow slobber can't help, feel beautiful lips are very attractive, seeing the two fried eggs instantly be rid of Yan Yingrong, he angrily wanted, I only eat one, to eat, let you enough, not enough I have two of them, students, with the hair, you have a piece to eat! Don't see Yan Yingrong slender, intake is not small, sausage, bacon, bread and so do not eat ★ feather look at the table of empty plate, way: "you eat, I haven't eaten satisfied." "Hum, stingy, you can eat some breakfast, look at you." Yan Yingrong dissatisfaction with the way, "this is for your face, do not know how many men lined up to ask me to eat, do not have this opportunity,Nike Jordan 4 Shoes." Akiba Ke shout a way: "I don't want to face, to eat." In order to quell the anger that kid, Yan Yingrong smile to sing said: "you look for it, I don't eat you, so, some R ì sub pure beautiful woman singer An Qiyu over Jiangyang concerts, a total can you send me the tickets later?" Akiba Nemoto did not know the pure singer is hot, popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, frowning said: "I don't, I want fried eggs and bacon......" Beauty's eyes stared back, Chen way: "idiot, A Kitama concert tickets hundreds of it, old marketable, valuable than your fried eggs." Heard that can sell so much money, Akiba Ya recognized, asked: "so you don't forget, be sure to send me a photo." Yan Yingrong readily promised, "OK, however,Nike Air Jordan 9, you have to wash the dishes." R ì you, there are conditions! Autumn feather mind discontent, stiff back, "I will not." Smelly boy, still with me stubborn, I how to deal with you! Yan Yingrong walked past, standing in the autumn feather behind, two hands on the other's shoulder back and forth, act in pettish said: "Kohane, do me a favor, you sister and washed the dishes...... You see, my hands so tender, how can you make it with oil." That a pair of flawless hands out of the front of a boy, like white jade carving, clearly is a piece of art, there is a faint aroma, as any man would like to see. Akiba also feel very good, think of the wonderful hand held >
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» she went to the table on the other  (2013年09月29日)