appeared as heavy rainfall upstream, 

January 25 [Tue], 2011, 15:19

appeared as heavy rainfall upstream, Iloilo river surge, is not only rare for many years spectacle, but also washed down a lot of fish downstream, many people to the river to catch fish. a pair of two brothers in the water to catch fish catch of 2 km, risked his life to rescued the guy who have been involved in the river. Asia Shuai Wu said: let the water wash is Bu Songshou. experience the place where the river was screaming for help. fish to screaming for help. a huge wave called to save small group of fishing people swept away by the flood cheap uggs
UGG Half Waterproofing it has in the past 13 days, but the military sub-commander recalled the scene was frightening. He swore that no longer play in the water the next. arms tightly hold sub-commander instinctively poplar, struggling in the rapids as they tumble to the downstream drift. flash, run wild poplar tree downstream straight down the wind and waves. They were all shocked! Zhang twenty companions suddenly played a practical joke - flung into the stream of poplar tree. 7 鏈� 30 afternoon 2 pm, Gongyi Wu Zhi Tian Zhenzhi Tamura small group of children to a sub-commander and several partners benefit Yiluo Waterloo Village, playing at home, few people UGG Bailey Button Krinkle
UGG Classic Mini bathed in the shallows, the military advantage of the opportunity to ride in a sub-commander washed down from upstream on the rest of poplar. companion prank, the guy riding into the rapids of poplar Wei Qing Wen Zhou Evening News / map 8 鏈� 9 鏃� 16, Gongyi City, the former City of Henderson sounded a crackling clothing the sound of firecrackers, fall whitewater rafting 5 km away in the 19-year-old guy Ya Shuai Wu and his family, holding a banner on both sides came to thank the rescuers, but they did not see the savior, as the savior has been swept away by raging river missing. 13 days have passed, thousands of people still in the river search and rescue Gongyi Shangwang rafting 5 km, guy saved, he but no landing 锘縄llo river, people have not given up hope, still salvage Wu Xinjun ups and downs for the guy to save the torrent, he jumped off the soaring Yiluo 。UGG Kid Boots
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