it is not the vortex, he can hold on 

January 25 [Tue], 2011, 15:45

million show at the river's arms and legs, are wound. The gaps fifty-six cm long, there are two centimeters smaller. the air force. He has landed in mind, but still one day to ask again, if not this person, he still has hope. He said his wife, dressed in flowers on the shirt, the next wearing green pants, long hair and a scar on his chin, tall at 1.56 meters. comes here, he punched a phone to the public security departments (in the public security department cheap uggs
UGG Half Waterproofing of the new discovery that a man whose body, being statistics related departments to find the body check by hand), but No news of his wife. If it is not the vortex, he can hold on, might be able to trust his wife to the second floor area, or a little higher, so be saved. Zhao Chunyan Jiang holding million show loosened grasp the wire with the hand, fluttering down at little cost. let go, his wife. Roof of the water quickly gone neck. Wife said to him, treasure house of the wife of Lee, a reporter making inquiries, no less for its neighbors and learned their names, have been swept away, missing. million Xiu Jiang, 46, rescued in the floods struck. His wife, Zhao Chunyan, 47, is currently missing. At this point, the roof is like a vast ocean, constantly shaking the boat. million Xiu Jiang recalled, floods come quickly, he and his wife moved into the house when the electrical higher ground outside the door to block the flood has pushed not open. At this point, a man involved to tell the time of the flood situation briefing to UGG Bailey Button Krinkle
UGG Classic Mini reporters, he referred to his rescue incident, but also to seize the rope had been rescued. It turned out that he is rescued, the name, I say show river. man rescued his wife Jiang Xiu million missing According to one witness said, the couple hold in the roof of the phase, but eventually broken up by the flood. in Station Road, the reporter all the way to find out to find witnesses. tone), while downstream from east to west, in front of the building after them, the missing Liu Fenglan, and Wang Ziying along Station Road was washed away. Then another neighbor told Sister Jiang, Wang Ziying did not die the next day he began to find his wife, Yongji County high school placement test point, a roster of the disaster were found in the name of Wang Ziying. However, he had left the settlements, the reporter could not be found. At this point, Station Road, the street on both sides of each area of Jilin Province to carry out dredging work drawn fire fighters. Muddy ground, with the flood rushed into the thick mud street shops, indoor to one meter. concern is to find friends save the man and the two men and a woman was washed away. 12 am yesterday, the reporter came to the flood according to friends shout attack Yongji County Waterfront Station Road, Town district.UGG Kid Boots
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