Acrylic Beads - Available Shapes and Uses

June 04 [Wed], 2014, 12:43
Acrylic beads also known as plastic or Lucite beads are a "must have" thing for many of the crafters and jewelers. They are lighter in weight, beautiful and attractive in looks as well as durable and affordable. They are found in many different shapes like simple round, multifaceted flowers, leaves, sphere, spikes, hearts and many more. But whatever shape and style they are available in, they are much cheaper as compared to the other types.

Available types of the Acrylic beads are:

Spacers: Used to separate the different types to avoid repletion

Ends: Placed at the end of the string like in bracelets and necklace

Pendants: Larger in size and are placed at focal points

Accent: A bit expensive and are used along with spacers to give a fine look

Wonders: Distinctive forms that give an illusionistic view to these small beads

In addition to the above mentioned types, these are finished in many other types to make the appearance just similar to that of silver, gold, antique gold, copper etc.

Some of the Acrylic beads look like crystal; others are much similar to the gemstones and metal. They are designed colorfully to beautify the jewelry and kid's crafts. Due to their versatility in colors, shapes and styles, use of acrylic beads is always appreciated by jewelry makers.

Their use is not just restricted to kid's art or jewelry making. They are used in a variety of ways. One of the ever emerging and unusual uses is in home decor. They are helpful to give the furniture, curtains and table covers etc a trendy look. Beautiful color contrasts and attractive designs make them a good choice for giving the home an attractive and lively appearance.

Use of Acrylic beads in the interior decor of automobiles has a great public acceptance. They are routinely used to give an appealing and modern look to the seats of the cars.

Fashion industry has introduced many people with its trend setting products. In fashion industry, Acrylic beads have also contributed a lot to attract the attention of people as they are used in handbags, clothes, shoes, hats and many other wearable accessories.

Beads in the form of alphabets are much helpful for kid's basic learning. It's a fun way of learning which makes the kids add to their knowledge without putting an extra stress on their minds.

Cheap Acrylic chunky beads are a good source of earning for many of the housewives. Its cost effectiveness attract the ladies who wants to have an attractive collection but on cheap rates. They can utilize these items in creating simple yet delectable decoration pieces without having immense machinery and high technological education and skills.

Broader spectrum of uses and affordability has increased the demands of Acrylic beads unexpectedly. That is the reason that you can purchase the variety of ornaments from any of the nearby craft shop. Go, buy these products without burning your budget and have fun in utilizing them at different projects.