even if took out a pair of appearance

October 25 [Thu], 2012, 10:24
"Now, 76 people for bynum, is he in the lakers had never done things,cheap nike air max 2012 this is great responsibility, all depends on bynum every game can become the 76 ers core. First he had to ensure that health, dominant. But now he hasn't show consistent dominant, and his own character will also restrict it all."After many years in the lakers' slumber, bynum in the last season as the western conference all-star center starts, averaging can get 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds, shooting 55.8%, in addition every can contribute 1.93 shots.nike air max shoes These data proved his worth, he also in NBA (micro Po) the second season lineup.But these data did not hide, bynum's side have kobe Bryant (micro Po) so highly WeiXieLi perimeter player, and pau gasol such inside the containment. If there is no star in the side, bynum?"This year things we can all see." Charles barkley said, "such as Joe Johnson, he is a very good player, but when he was traded to the sun after the eagle,nike air max 95 everything will be different. And markov o - amare stoudemire is the same, he found no Nash, oneself should from a good player into the core after different. Of course the first season he did very well."Bynum in the last season's progress be obvious to all, but Charles barkley said, if bynum wants to become a centurial carry handle, worthy of the top salary, he must not let oneself again on the pitch have brain damage behavior, such as the 2011 playoffs elbowing Barry and similar behavior, he was because it was the league suspended for five games."You must be clear, if bynum has enough mature, in the game to play that role." Charles barkley said, "now he is not that one championship team, but a new team leader. He's in 76 is veteran, everyone look at him to do things, so he can't do not calm similar things."cheap nike air max shoes"I think he in the locker room I'm afraid nothing positive role in 76 people automatics, everything does not need to too much attention, but if the team met any trouble, at that time is the test when bynum. It all depends on bynum himself, he needs to know that their position, even if took out a pair of appearance, also want to do very like. Otherwise his big contract will become poison, his injury may wreck team."