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June 27 [Thu], 2013, 12:24
Liu Feng was wondering, what is the alliance between Both of these or competitors, the current Jingjiang District Standing Committee, and Nie tigers but not the same era, when Nie tigers at best, and his same level, despite the some aspects has inherent advantages, is not without its own power of a stroke. Especially Nie tigers who often like to engage in some dishonest, it is difficult to convince members of the team on a righteous cause, which gives many opportunities Liu Feng, almost every time, and Nie tigers battle of wits, Liu Feng are standing on the moral high ground , let Nie tigers defeated the loss to lose. Not now, Mei Shuji but superior leadership, Municipal Committee, deputy departmental level high with the secretary, but since it seems an unsuccessful meeting, Mei Shuying secretary acted considerable attention to detail, such a person is difficult to commit Nie tigers that kind of mistake. In other words, Liu Feng occupy the moral high ground is difficult to think about the future, and which requires the Standing Committee Liu Feng find their allies, if not get the support of allies, for fear that it is hard to have the right to speak, it's not Liu Feng desired results. Although Liu Feng did not feel that they will certainly be in conflict and Mei Shuji, but precautions are necessary in case of problems encountered principle xìng deadlocked, then we should see each other's forces, and Liu Feng know, you want to go farther in official circles, no ally is unthinkable. As he has been doing, ten people trust investment consortium and the winds are pre-hint, it now appears that those foreshadowing has gradually played a role, although not politically right to speak, but Liu Feng is not urgent. Yes, Liu Feng in no hurry, he was still young, less than twenty-five, but also is the division level and nothing official, Liu Feng afford to wait, you can imagine that, years later, what will be the scene at the moment Liu Feng hardcore allies inside, there were already several deputy provincial and ministerial level officials, ten years after that. Liu Feng suddenly remembered the old headmaster, is old headmaster gave myself the opportunity, take advantage of Yanjing Party platform, weaving their own social network, the social network, the big purchases from last rì started, played a decision xìng role. If there is no wind trust and investment loans, Hakusan provincial delegation is difficult to make the trip, if there is such a situation, Liu Feng did not even dare to imagine now what will be the outcome of their own, for fear is not much stronger than the NIE tigers . Do not forget, it was that it was a big purchase, only to Wang Junqing secretary's political life has brought new life, if Wang Junqing secretary at that time the class was over, put on is the one who Qishimiezu Meng Yuan, Liu Feng Jingjiang area but also in the What do anything they want, do not even think. End up in the bar beneath pure and seats only Liu Feng Hao, secretary of seats does not seem to bother too many people want two of clean, in fact, two people in the bar, and not talking about national affairs, is to drink and chat. Seats chatted Yan Hao is more of the capital of some of the anecdotes, like many of the old seats ho Yanjing, can say Nengkan, Xi Hao and Hu coke which is completely irrelevant to help two circles, they are the Jingchengsishao, are the party of the second-generation ancestor background. Hu Jiao which helped, like Han Weidong, Xu Ying, Huang Suxin, including Xiao Meier, kids are out of the military compound, do not underestimate this circle, a circle out, although the competition is everywhere, but some some time, definitely easier to form allies. The allies even if only temporarily, the key moment of the power is huge, not to mention politically simply not be there long-term partner, like "Three Kingdoms" opening puts it: the world trend, long period of division together for a long will be divided. The same is true of political things, in the Office of the parties, only interests are eternal, there is no eternal love, which is Liu Feng set up their own network of relationships, I had to use the money to maintain a vast network of causes. Seemingly simple a dinner on both sides, are absolutely necessary, with the initial communication, after a lot of things, will feel a tacit understanding with each other, this evening, Liu Feng benefited from seats Howe then inside, then outside to disclose the information, so that Liu Feng Yan capital for a deeper understanding. President Howard also talked about the NIE tigers, they grew up with playmates, red sè tigers Nie's family suffered the most serious impact is that a group, then a bunch of brothers Nie tigers is one of the most self-esteem always listless first Pakistani brain, especially in the face when the girls, it is not a little self-confidence. Such xìng grid until the early eighties, the re-emergence Nie Long before the arrival of a major one, and now think it really is a bit frustrated furious mean, Nie tigers grandfather died unjustly, which makes a lot NIE Long old generals on both feel sympathy. Thus, the NIE Long after the order out of chaos, it is not surprising upper quickly, it is the result of many old comrades together, Liu Feng listened secretly raspberry, no wonder so often Nie nine strong, the original background is so huge. Even compared to the 1st directorate, can not shake a bunch of old comrades Nie nine regular maintenance it, whoever and Nie nine often directly against, for fear it will die miserable, Liu Feng suddenly emerge upon layer of cold sweat, see to Nie nine people often simply do not take themselves as dish. Wait until the two warmed with wine, when President Ho seemingly joke, said: "Liu brother, hey, brother or call cordial one o'clock!" Liu Feng laughed: "random, Jiaosha not enough, not that a code it!" "Well, Excitement, Liu brother, I was something Xiangqiu wow! "Liu Feng, supporting his chin to see the seats ho:" something to say so, as long as I will not be able to do the absolute decline! "" My sister and her husband are in the business mix , the father does not allow them to go this route politics, saying it was to give family leave an escape route, hey, Father said that I do not know, but my sister was not on the business they are now very smug, I would like Liu brother help, can not you! "Liu Feng Hao do not think seats wine drunk to say, then do not believe in imposing the daughter of Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, will be encountered in business Hom, obviously, this is ho seats in and their Latin American relations, and the means and Feng had different, but the goal is the same. Liu Feng, although do not think they have too many chips, vice minister of the Central Propaganda Department may be within sight, but he did not belittle the habit, presumably to create their own coterie, the top heavyweights in the eyes, there is no any secret at all. In order from everyone in the political trouble, had prepared a report to their superiors are their property, this is a must, with this program, the political arena once more than a dozen people wealthy, but also wishful thinking to want to keep thing. For President Ho outstretched olive branch, Liu Feng is no reason to deny that this is a second-generation ancestor unlike Nie tigers,Outlet Coach Multicolor Sale, at least, this person is very appropriate to do things, so far, there is no seat ho about the scandal appears. This is important, even Feng will not work, do not want their hard Liu Feng coterie operating together, is a black sheep to implicate myself, so on, had repeatedly shown good Feng, Liu Feng, but still refused to people thousands of miles away. Liu Feng Yan capital utilized once in relation to inquire too Jingchengsishao case, the result is also the appearance of this, there is nothing evil deeds, Liu Feng is also a bit puzzled, and this is how to get such a positive name can not be considered absolute. "I do not know what business engaged seats sister!" Schilling ho embarrassed smile: "Hey, those of us who still doing, not just back down approvals, gray sè earn a little money, really, either to see Liu brother earn money neat, I'm still too complacent about the ability of younger sister! "inverted approval is late eighties early nineties special sè, can pour approvals, are a family of children, there is no deep background Even Erdaofanzai is not qualified to do, where the water is quite deep. In fact, this fall approvals business until two years later still there, but more subtle, more hands, nothing more secretive deal, but President Ho's father, the Central Propaganda Department Vice Minister Xi Zhi width is definitely not just for the sake of people a small profit, He has repeatedly asked her daughter to stop down approvals. President Howard said disappointments that her father, the obstruction, so that his younger sister now afraid to do, and a lot a lot just watching others make money, say eye gas, is impossible, such as seats ho family-related spending is absolutely enormous,Oakley Sunglasses Store, and the business side of a stop, the family felt hard for. Therefore, Xi Liu Feng Hao thought of that coterie, which serve several things, but when he put his thoughts and Dad said, immediately won praise in Xi Zhi wide view, money is still followed, Liu Feng coterie able to be linked up, is particularly important. Xi Zhi wide long on propaganda department, has a network of people are also engaged in propaganda for many, even in the following year when the team had had, and now also long enough Dayong, Liu Feng circles those are What people. Like Chongqing City Zhikun, extending chow Xiahe, White Mountain Wilderness Hui province, there are many members, that are holding the real power of cadres, are relying on one's performance down to earth came up, and Xi Zhi wide men gang play pen of no comparable place. Yan is now the capital of a lot of people have started to pay attention coterie Liu Feng, do not look now weak point Jiabu Zhu potential yeah, now we are beginning to sigh, this Professor Liu, who really would choose. In fact, not surprisingly,Oakley Sunglasses Pit Boss, think about what the original identity of Liu Feng, Yanjing School professor reserve cadres training, the contact itself is singled jīng England, coupled with Liu Feng, selecting the best, it is more than a dozen classes, hundreds of people in selected out of jīng English in jīng English, how could poor. Now this small group, and did not form horizontal linkages, because it would hit some taboos, Liu Feng did not want to become a target, it is also true that this small group was formed to Liu Feng as the center, radiation shè-like relationships, Cross-network system instead. In other words, Liu Feng is this small group of unique node, the real center of the circle, such a person, if not Nie tigers like the best, or choose to befriend, rather than becoming enemies. Most seats and seats ho chi wide fancy, Liu Feng's attitude on their own people, is absolutely righteous word at the head, years of bureaucratic career, Xi Zhi Liu Feng width rarely seen like this, friends Gandanxiangzhao officials. Liu Feng real politics in just less than two years, and he had to pay a good look, his students did not say, people that is already become an object of national selection, Liu picked up a man at best a bargain. With Yanjing Party platform unique in the world political arena, weaving their own network, this kid's effort called terror, to see him in those comrades Chanyu Township, which is not a benefit on him. Even just a few, and Liu Feng side of the edge of the history of civilization, every time he lifted the host, which is enough to see that a person's character, Xi Zhi also lamented wide, this little guy is the most terrible vision of Man, he fancy candidates, there is no one mistakes.
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