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July 10 [Wed], 2013, 10:39
Sung Park as union president, or director as dúlì Sung Park, Song of course, not like an ordinary player, especially not like Ai Ying nest in the game is the same as a few months time. So wait and Amanda, Ai Ying convergence, see Catalina Light Mission wrapped on schedule show, Song of the double face the same green. Because what this means? Means that unions want to win Song Park Catalina Catalina and hide behind the task, it must adhere to the scene in this sewer Playing time job for two months. While this in real time is not long, but Song for the first time realized that the game time and real time gap is too big is not always a good thing. Song because we know that time is actually the task of these games were originally calculated in real time, just as in the game to win more development time, those institutions will be required to increase the real time and game time ratios. Unexpectedly though now playtime is indeed increased, but at the same time the task conditions, this has increased the players in the game is equal to the task on time consuming burden. Only the face of such a task comparable to open the entire game bonus content first hurdle task NPC, Song knew he must not give up. Otherwise, she has been forced to hand over a second off the game open task reward, how can then take the initiative to give up a task comparable to open the second hurdle game hidden tasks. So look to Amanda Song said: "Amanda, you turn on the hidden task is completed or have any suggestions." "The sewer scene a total of six unions know that each union takes time every month five days, either We work with the other five unions negotiated settlement,Oakley Plaintiff Clearance, or they can only be blocked out of the sewer. "fertile grass! Actually there are five unions know this task, the enemy is really powerful. Although it is the first time I heard this situation, Ai Ying was not surprising that such a thing could even involve large. After all, the way the game universe has carried out a full two years time, if it is to be found has been no secret, better said, as if this hidden tasks in the public scene, at any time can not be a union blockade, at least by the Several unions also work hard. Sung Park, the union can eat the food alone, it must also face five enemy. Therefore no surprise Ai Ying expected, Song, and he said: "That Amanda How do you think we negotiate with each union." Amanda said: "First of all this information we need to open the task, they may also be tempted to continue in the future This task must be followed by some practical and effective compensation. "While he was talking, Amanda looked on the side of Ai Ying. Even Amanda's eyes and not much desire, Ai Ying still know what she has to say, nodded and said: "Are you saying that Sister Amanda skills training method I do for you? I have no problem,Mahina Leather Outlet, anyway, sooner or later this thing was groping out, or just someone groping out altogether, but not publicly. "" Ai Ying classmates you can think like, sister also think it is probably someone out but did not publicly groping greater probability. "look praise nod, Amanda not looking down on Ai Ying, but not look down on themselves. Instead, Ai Ying Why can comprehend the suicide killing skills, that is not under the guidance of the wolf ran to succeed, so long as someone can get NPC instructions, is not difficult to know the secret. So consider this sooner or later, not a secret, out as an exchange is not necessarily impossible. But I do not understand Ai Ying and Amanda say anything in particular to hear Amanda turned himself in front of Ai Ying sister, Song then laughed: "Amanda, you and Ai Ying classmates in the end talking about?" "President, This is Ai Ying classmates main group previously contributed to the union of a method of active skills comprehend and I have promised to reward Ai Ying classmates 50 points ...... unions' side of Ai Ying skills training approach to say, including Ai Ying previously with the skills clearance tasks ways to say, Amanda's face there is a regrettable sè. After all, in order to hide behind Katrina tasks, they may be forced to advance skill comprehend way to say this, but if you can have more secret for some time, but it also allows Amanda to create a stronger union army. After listening to Amanda introduction, Song also looked surprised Lian Lu Ai Ying said: "I did not expect Ai Ying classmates really some skill ah! I have done this task several times, but no way a person clearance." "Song Jie joking, but it will not last long anyway, conceal, hide the task if they can be used in exchange, that's good." "I know, you can do so on the line?" Song did not manage Ai Ying gallant, and look Amanda said. Amanda shook his head and said: "Of course not only that, we have to prevent them from acting in bad faith, after all, who does not know this hidden tasks completed in Ai Ying students will not continue to exist, even if they would be the task scenario continued existence is not to say. "I rub! Mission scenarios do not say if they would continue to exist? You really keen sister ah! Amanda heard the judge, Ai Ying also had to sigh. It seems a lot of smart people in this world, at least intelligent people than their absolute number. After all, this task will be the presence of an opening scene is a strange thing, maybe in Ai Ying rescued after Katrina, the task would not exist. After all, the game few people can come up with the same perfection as Ai Ying metal skeleton, there are several trade unions insist on the scene in the sewer more than 2000 hours. Really this task continues, maybe around the sewer will be a huge battle scenes, or this is the real intention of this task. Song also nodded his head and said: "That's what you have Amanda solution." "Quite simply, this sewer scene can accommodate up to 250 people, while the actual number of our union, 227 were all union workers as long as we will come together heap, other unions can only be inserted up to about 20 people, this is not only not about control of the scene we can only negotiate an acceptable choice, but also to facilitate our training skills in the scene. "lying Le trough! Your sister bunker ah! Actually intend to use Dumen methods to ensure tasks. Amanda did not think would make such a suggestion, Ai Ying immediately exclaimed aloud. Because a number of advantages to Dumen more is used in a variety of copy, I did not expect someone will be in the public scene. But really if limiting the number of scenes, that's not a bad idea. But at the same time, Song sè also face stiff stiff. Because this is not just a matter of time two days reality, it is a full 80 days game time. Even in reality should adhere to two days work is not difficult, but to insist on in the game to stay in one place on the 80 days, it is very difficult. But no way have to find a way to turn into reality, for example, is leaked and so on. But the game is definitely not relax, or do not know left the sewer scenes come yet they enter. Of course, changes in the expression of Song, Ai Ying also know that she has made a decision. But the thing has nothing to do with the brother, brother but is touched a US rǔ, thus easily pick up a task only. Since Costa Rica is the sister union members have difficulty brother,Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore, sister course Dinglixiangzhu job, or how worthy brother of union members in the name.
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