Shi Feng immediately sat down

May 07 [Tue], 2013, 17:29
Tulip exudes Deville very high-handed, oppression of the lightning, action is of a slow, showing the tulip has a real God left a coercion. "The me." Eight God Ding suddenly will Jinwu Shenhuo through Shi Feng's feet went into lightning silver wolf's head. Then when you see the lightning the between the eyebrows, a small opening. The nature is the emperor wolf of the pupil. All along, the history God Ding to Dili wolf pupil completely refining, the difficulty is big, one or two years are very difficult to completely refining, but history God tripod with it together, continue to study,Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, how to find a way to start the engine, a slightly Di wolf emperor soldier level of the pupil. This is not the Bidi emperor army soldiers. The lining has a real emperor Bing the hammer of God, a combination of both, even as the holy soldier, is definitely not the other emperor soldier can match, otherwise will not let the lightning, so difficult to refining and chemical control. "Boom." Just a crack flash,Coach Outlet Shouder Bags Outlet. The emperor wolf pupil shine a glimmer of energy fluctuation, we saw the release of a Deville tulips with explosion, urge tulip hundreds of master body all chest open, not a living, all dead. Lightning, hurricane. At this time the emperor two soldiers to attack again, still be disappointed, but that god palace vibration Fierce Giant fibrillation. "Hum." Lightning, into the palace to save, but the palace has not touched, will see a bright light suddenly at the entrance of the palace up, again to block up the palace. It has not yet arrived, Shi Feng jumped into the air. PA. Shi Feng left hand press the light condensed light above the door seal. Inside the glorious god Ding also intense vibration up, Wu Shenhuo through Shi Feng's right arm roared out, strong into the light above the door. Originally condensed light moment in the door. Shi Feng was the first to rush in, lightning, carrying flowers sorry four, followed by. The so-called light natural is a matchless mystery, and this kind of sorcery for eight God Ding, there is no effect, especially the engine, the power also is not particularly strong, it is cracked, God Ding Royal days strength, but also easy to finish. In which, Shi Feng immediately sat down, his hands doing all kinds of fingerprints in the chest, that is, God Ding control body for,Air Jordan 2 Shoes. God will Ding themselves completely broke out, again Ling Yuan Shi Feng Na Yutian to do, so he could play out the strength enough to match the pole strong, constantly doing print process, a golden Shenhuo burst out, are not the god palace some places. Then god palace violent quiver. A mighty Deville in full bloom that blessed palace top, tulip purple a strains emerge slowly at the top, and opened its petals slowly from the original closed state, full bloom. "Is not good, someone opened the closing force of Tianyou palace." "Once a closed, we will not be able to go in." "Fast, stop them." "Kill, kill them." After the tulip master saw this scene, are showing a shockingly of color, most of them are clear, this Providence palace has terrible defense ability, if can >
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