The World 7 Natural Attraction

December 23 [Thu], 2010, 16:00

The world is huge, all sorts of strangeness can exist. World seven natural wonder appraised by Science are as follows: 1. Endless windstorm or lightning in Venezuela: miraculous Catatumbo lightning is unparallel in the world, which occurs in intersection between Lake Maracaibo and Catatumbo River. The lightning formed by accumulations of thunderclouds would happen more than 280 times in 140-180 evening among one year, and electric arc from lightning can reach to 5km in length, with intensity of 400,000ap and visible distance of 400km.7 Actions That Will Affect the Shine of Your tiffany jewellery

According to experts, storm is due to the formation of the Andes Thundercloud the collision, while the formation of lightning is due to wetlands in the region of methane released by decomposition of organic matter such as ionization of gas accumulated in the formation of lightning above the clouds. Total accompanied by lightning storms occur. 2. Honduras' "Fish Rain." From May to June every year, the "Fish Rain" phenomenon takes place in Departamento de Yoro area, Honduras. It becomes dark when the phenomenon of fish rain begins, and then it is the lightning and the thunder, and blowing the strong winds and having the torrential rain, the whole process will last 2 to 3 hours according to the witnesses. You can find hundreds of live fish on the ground when the rain stops. The local residents pick up the fish and eat them after cooking. The Tree-Climbing Goats in Morocco: You can only see goats climbing trees frequently in Morocco. In fact, Not only the phenomenon of goats climbing tree brings rich tourism resources to the local area, but also their excrement is also a large wealth.The Vicious Habits that Effect Menaces to

As the goat can not fully digest the fruit of these trees, so the stool will leave in the fruit cores, local farmers can collect them after the goats excreting these stones which can be used to do cooking oil or the raw materials for cosmetics. Why Ladies all Are Obsessed with tiffany uk ? God Knows! 4. Red Rain in Kerala of India: from June 25th to September 23rd in 2001, red rains kept happening sporadically in Kerala, south of India. The blood-like red rain poured down and stained people`s clothes. Early in 2006, Professor Gardefyraily Louis and Sainsos Kumar with the Mahatma Gandhi University in Ketayamu, Kerala, India. The red particles in the rain came from the dust of aerolite from the other planet.

As soon as the surmise was reported, the red rain in Kerala immediately attracted attentions all over the world. But the investigation of the nitrogen and carbon isotopic ratios experiment confirmed that the solid particles in the red rain come from the earth. 5. The longest wave on the earth. It forms the longest waves in the world in Brazil in February to March due to the ocean current of Atlantic brings the Amazon River. This phenomenon is called "the Southern mouth of the Amazon River, high tide." Wave generated by this tidal is up to 12 feet (about 3.65 meters), and can last half an hour. The wave can be heard 30 minutes before arrival, which has strong destroy power, and damage anything including trees, house and animals.

6. Danmark's black sun: In spring, there are more than one million of European mynahs flying from each corner to gather in Danmark and form a pattern as the one above. This phenomenon in Denmark is known as the "black sun", every year from March to May in mid-west of the swamp in Denmark can be seen this picture. The starlings migrated from the south and hunted for food during the daytime and gathered in the marshes adjacent at night in the reeds open. 7. The burning rainbow in Idaho,U.S.: The ray runs through a hexagon-shaped crystal composed of semi-transparent high-altitude cirrus cloud when the sun is still up in the sky. Such arc is a famous atmospheric phenomenon known as [Burning rainbow". The working principle is sun's rays enters the crystal from its vertical side and reflect back from its bottom as if a ray goes through a triple prism and is separated by a series of visible colored rays. When the sheet crystal in the cirrus clouds were in the best position it shows a brilliant spectrum which looks like a rainbow.