In the morning, the reporter in the the peach

January 21 [Mon], 2013, 16:09
In the morning, the reporter in the the peach gardens is located in Xuzhou Jinshanqiao the Development Zone Yangzhuang road 6 guard
air jordan 2011 shoes for sale room, saw the enthusiastic scavenging uncle. At 5 p.m. on the 18th, near the railway station in Xuzhou, Chaoyang market next to a trash picked up the purse. "According to the uncle," he named Sun Road liter, 47-year-old JIAWANG Jiang Town, usually scavengers.

The Sun Road liters owner of lost identity card in the wallet, with their home address, dahuangshan near that place already demolished later in accordance with the address on the ID card to find in the past, but learned after asking to give knowledge relocatees here to relocate to the Development Zone, Jinshanqiao, peach Garden 6.

Based on this clue, the Sun Road liter be starting from dahuangshan walk all the way toward the Jinshan Bridge Development Zone. Several times to inquire about, and so when the elderly arrived peach garden 6 around 22:00. District's security Xiao Yuhua listening to The scavengers also very moved, but 6 so many households, households the Sun Road liter identity card he did not know. "From Dahuangshan to the zone peach garden, at least more than 30 miles, it is not easy!" Learned The Sun Road liter would like to spend a night in the guard room the next day to find their rightful owners intention, Xiao Yuhua also moved Heater give him fend off the cold.

Finally to their rightful owners

The next morning, district residents to see identity cards, and finally recognized the rightful owners of lost wallets is when Feng Shui. But after contact, that Feng Shui has been married, I do not live in the peach garden district. Receiving relatives phone, when Feng Shui soon driven over. Confirm the identity of the rightful owners, the Sun Road liter wallet returned when Ms. rightful owners.

At 14 o'clock on the 18th, I went to Chaoyang market shopping, returned home and found the wallet was missing, the estimates may be stolen. Although only a few hundred dollars, but a lot of inside documents, there are a few good bank card that night night all did not sleep well. "wallet regained, which makes Ms. excited. She said, "this world is more than good. Too thanks to the enthusiastic uncle!"

"Scavenging Uncle" to pick up the wallet, the foot 30 in the night tocheap air jordan retro 1 find the rightful owners of news came out of the peach garden district, many residents admiration endless. The Sun Road liter of reporters, said he only read the 3 years of the reason why they have to personally deliver the wallet, because this is the only way he knew
Contact an interview to the Zhou Xiao Yun, he questioned, told reporters: "how do you prove that you really a reporter, rather than children Tsz will be sent by posing as?" Reporters strive to provide clues to "prove themselves" identity. Verified with the newspaper said Zhou Xiao Yun, a reporter, but logic and can not explain the interlocutors that the reporter himself, eventually, he said, "I believe you."

The "astronomical Wine" began exposing Heilu

The audit agency said the child Mercy Corps will "48 billion figure is the accounting statements editorial errors, Zhou Xiao Yun said in doubt," I believe, also exposed children Tsz will be chaotic internal management system. "

Zhou Xiao Yun, Guangzhou media people, the earliest time exposing the black action 2011 "Sinopec astronomical wine events.

Sinopec insider to act as "Deep Throat" is not the first broke the news people, Zhou Xiao Yun received insider information, publish Bowen attention quickly.

Subsequently, CCTV, and Zhou Xiao Yun, a connection, the Xinhua News Agency and other media also actively follow up. 10 days later, Lu Guangcheap air jordan retro 2 Yu, general manager of Sinopec Guangdong Branch to be removed from office.
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