but in order to make money

June 17 [Mon], 2013, 12:48
Since it is a fishing people Wang Ju saw Zhang Xiaobao in the box that something after a superb collection of beautiful things, thoroughly silly, a lot of things alone, is to have not heard. "This is a part of?" Wang Ju did not ask for everything, want to grandson of his will give their explanations, and leave a few sets for own use. But he could not think of a fishing, as with so many things? The most simple fishing with a rod hook bait enough. Zhang Xiaobao nodded, replied: "grandfather, is indeed a part of, really want to talk about the two fishing stuff, even if the ten such a big box is not installed, different environment, different season,oakley sunglasses, different climate, different kind of fish, the fishing, influence. Of course, if only one of the fishing rod, it is not impossible to catch fish, there may be crowded, but I have not said Yao, let your tube with fishing association. Natural to want to prepare some things, so people have a choice, what's more, the more things, more professional, which can make this association place up, otherwise you get a ordinary wood stick when the fishing rod, it cannot reflect the identity, right?" A small. Treasure on the fishing thing is clear,Oakley Holbrook, but before he often told people to go fishing, fishing, talk about business, is a lie or what. The so-called high levels of entertainment projects, he the plenary session, and the other is also very proficient, like golf, he is the master of one's physical coordination ability, another natural rich play. In fact, he is very clear, if it is to have all played Lou golf, then the world ranking high, all to be pressed down, not up to the standard, they can stand such a high position, but they can play, ordinary people even have this talent no chance. The game is like this, not what they really badly, but they don't play the ordinary play, I play it, they do not. Wang Ju listened to a piece of his words mean, look not only to fishing, but in order to make money, but money is not angling association to make money, but also make a variety of fish where multiple income also is like to go along for the ride. Of course,Oakley Active Clearance, the most important is now all fishing tackle is the grandson is designed and fabricated out, so in a period of time, Sun Ziguang was selling fishing tackle can benefit a lot from it, just take a fishing association reputation to sell. Good plan, it is a good plan. Wang Ju thought of grandson earning power smiled, said: "baby, as you say, I went to when the president, is it right? My fishing can be stronger than others? You stay a few days, give me something, in the box." Which know Zhang Xiaobao but shook his head, said: "grandfather, you do not need to have how much fishing skill, you have to do is know each of the habits of fish know what kind of fish which place, fishing rod, bait and hook is clear. Your role is to organize a fishing activities, the various departments to manage, but you are when the transfer of >
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