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July 12 [Fri], 2013, 11:21
Go see girls fiction book guest "However, even knowing that I'm not your opponent, I hope you can give me a fair chance to fight!" Six children finish the sentence, has clasped hands a weapon, stood up come. (Remember his face, looked very serious! Seems, keep a smile days to a match-ups look like. Xiaotian Seeing this, the faint smile: "Do not worry, I still do not ask them it! fight, but also so I asked over call not? "" This said, I have already said, you want to know what? I can not guarantee I'll know just told you that, in fact, I totally did not need to tell you as a warrior, I should follow my ethical reason why so much, in fact, I find you a very good man, but also a very strange boy. your strength,Damier Azur Canvas, your wisdom, are associated with the ordinary teenager with a big gap. have you as a teenager, and I believe we can give the damn defense team came up with a lot of trouble! lucky to see if I could have, the more wonderful! "Speaking of which six sub- , expression eased again, and looking upward 喝了一口酒, said: "Actually, that defense team, I would have gone over the line up! reason also for its work, in fact, I also have my difficulties so, and this is is the reason I told you so much and I hope that I died, you help me take care of my family! "" family!? "Xiaotian said let him listen to six children to help take care of his family, suddenly feeling burst of surprise and absurdity! had seen on TV, seemingly Hu prawn prawns with seedlings battle, there raised the living family members to take care of each other this statement, but others are the two heroes, both he and six children, not to the extent that hero Xiangxi right? Even six children is a hero, he laughed heavens are not Yes, "Oh, I know, this argument makes you feel ridiculous, but I am also no other way." Six children see Xiaotian This strange expression, suddenly helpless smile and shook his head: "At first, I, like you, is a young and fit feather boy, but, there is a confidante my beloved, but later, a nobleman took a fancy to my beloved woman, and eventually even while I was not, she was killed! learns the truth, I huff, reached among the aristocratic family in front of their faces the whole clan will nobleman boy's head chopped off! Although, in many retainers Weisha under I escaped, but later also been endless killer kill! when in desperation, there is a man found me - Kay Joseph about the family, the eldest son, Kaiser about? If the tower. "," how is he saved you? "Xiaotian suddenly feeling, strange things start to get up." hum! "six sub shoved snorted, teeth said: "He saved me so much, I would rather say that he killed me, ruined my whole family! that he introduced me to defend the team!" "What, he is also defending team of people?" Laughing day help, consternation aloud! Cather about what the family is not a small family, its strength is faint with such a large family of Venus comparable. (read look novel network) if the Kaiser about? If the tower is also the defending team to whom it may incredible things, "specifically, I am not very clear, if not, it should be with the defending team has a certain relationship between the bar! At that time, if the tower just ordered his housekeeper to find me, did not directly come out and he let me in accordance with what he meant to do it, you can protect me and my family to worry about. I then also have no other way but to wipe a swab desperate result, he introduced me to the defending team that time, also did not discern something, feel join defending team, it is equivalent to adding a common owner Corps, and had a team of refuge, my parents and family, including myself, will be safe, even defending team who also helped me to my beloved little too aristocratic, thoroughly to destroy families, the solution of my heart for ever! defending team has a large part of low-level members have also told me about what happened So we've been together, dedicated to the defense of team effectiveness! But then, things started to change. above us constantly issued some evil commands, including caravan robbery, trafficking in women, capturing slave! "said to this, six sub resentment shook his fist: "At that time we also silly to think that the survival instinct as a team, and occasionally do some illegal activities can be considered a matter of course, but then later, even above also commands us to bribe , bribery, and even the assassination of a number of officials of the Empire! when we realized that we have added an absolute evil organization! And when we want to quit when our families, but has fallen into their control. If We can not successfully complete the task, then our family, including our own, are also not even think about the reason why we continue to live in this team who risked his life to go into the forest to kill you, it is precisely for this reason! defending team's forces, RAO I mixed in there for so long and still not figure out how in the end it has almost become a breeze City omnipotent presence! "" ah! "Xiaotian gently nodded his head, said that it has understood. six children with him so much, just want to smooth out if he can save about his family. As his six children,Oakley HALF JACKET, have been certain death is real. Xiaotian's strength is definitely taller than him. beat, it was Only Xiaotian culling. smooth even escaped, who is also defending team will not let him. "So, please shot it!" Six children know Xiaotian naturally a wise man, said so much, surely laugh day has been able to fully understand what he meant, so the battle has already done to prepare. "Oh." Xiaotian faint smile, even in the hands of the sword, suddenly received back. "To be honest, I like to tell you so dealing with people. asked me to help you take care of his family, why not make your own to take care of it? yourself back to your family rescued Come on! If you a person can not, then you can find a place to hide themselves first , and so I was out of the forest after you and help you. "" What! you, you are saying "six children heard this, suddenly a burst of consternation." I mean, I do not kill you look at your age is not large, has With senior warrior's strength, your martial arts talent, should quite good, but even so, you will not be my opponent, if you're so dead, not a waste of talents? same time, I think we two people should not be enemies, but friends! you should know that I've created an own corps, on several occasions with the defense team before the holidays, is bound to work against their will in the future, so I need people like you! If you do not mind, you can join our camp in the past and I can assure you that our own corps is definitely the embodiment of justice, definitely not evil defending team. Meanwhile, I can assure you that the future protection of your family's safety ! Of course, the premise is that you want to believe me. "Xiaotian also very helpless, his heart had in fact done something big is going to be, after all, he has been willing to do an ordinary person in the planet is the case, came to this world, even more aroused his ambition to dominate the party! however, who told his body, still a little young age, his strength, on the continent will simply fart are not really a while, he is no more distinguished lineage, financial strength or something, so, in order to break something for this world, can be described as difficult! So he had to step by step, carefully plan Operating His first step is to first put out the natural defense team! So, he must first establish an own team, while the team grow and develop together, they could take the next move, he could see, in fact, six sub- will be a promising talent, so now on the folded heart. "So, you believe me?" Xiaotian said that, a pair of clear Heimou tightly watched six children, as if, to his All thoughts are see through like! Meanwhile, Xiaotian body layer of colorful light has gradually pan up, wrapped in his body, so that on the whole people will be enveloped in a moment a strange and mystery! an intense coercion, but also like a wave surging cháo water, swooped out from his body, directly toward the six sub-swept past! hiss! six sub-unconscious, sucking breath back several steps before Humphreys Humphreys stabilize the body. almost, so a blood spray out! Xiaotian which shares coercion, he felt once the puck Xiaotian installed with enlightenment expert also stayed when they line ten people have feelings too personally, without any doubt, ice hockey is a master bit fake, but this time, he was a man faced with such a strong coercion, naturally resist, however. Meanwhile, Xiaotian also To play a deterrent role, deliberately coercion among interspersed jīng divine oppression, as lower than his divine jīng six children on many, even more much. Xiaotian something very good, but he The jīng god, definitely not the same level of practitioners can be compared. told, others alike it is the soul of the body, "I, I believe you! future, you are the only owner of six children! masters in the last, please be a villain thanks! "six sub-tough hard swallow a few mouthfuls of spittle and shoved Fu Xiashen child, facing respectful Shi Xiaotian gift of a master and servant." Oh, not polite, get up now, in the future we are all brothers, do not master and servant commensurate to mention, your older than I am, I called your brother is. "Seeing Xiaotian, satisfied smile, suddenly removed for six sub jīng divine coercion, went over to help the six children together. "useless! master your strength taller than me, this is the strength of this world for the respect, Bong you to my master, my honor is!" Unexpectedly, the six days of the child heard a laugh, then it is the head Shake takes Bo Langgu like, was almost kneeling down. uh Xiaotian helpless smile, shook his head said: "Well, you better call me Master the future, you are my family Xiaotian The one, the first one to join as a member of the family, I will seal your Explorer as a family, though, is now connected to your family, I did the two "Xiaotian forced to face embarrassing smile" Thank you Master! " six children that did not laugh Xiaotian mean, very respectful Shi a ceremony, he knew, although Xiaotian now nothing is really just a teenager, but I believe before long, surely will be an unusually strong presence! This completely from his intuition, a blind intuition! "Master, how do we then?" six lakes on the child deserves to be fought for many years slippery soon as Xiaotian servant into the corner sè . soon master, can be described as utter instill obedience, of course, totally no point before or two opposing positions consciousness secretly smile out Xiaotian said: "Now that you have joined my camp, so hope you will be able to listen to My arrangement as long as you dedication to my work, I guarantee you will not be ill-treated, but for now, you still have nothing to help me do you secretly sneak into the breeze of the city, protect your family At the same time it,Oakley Scalpel Sunglasses, I hope you can help me to look at the movements defending team and I go out from within the forest after a shooting will most likely done with them! they are able to understand a bit, our chances of winning will also the larger one o'clock. "" Master worry, I promise to complete the task! "six children without thinking, immediately answered to." Well, you go first! Remember, do not let anyone know that you go back to the news, the best is to make everyone think you're dead in the forest among the! Otherwise, not only will you have trouble, we all will have trouble! "" I understand, sir! However, I want to stay, first to protect the safety of the young master, After all, "behind the words, six sub is not good to say anything. Xiaotian being hunted down, as has been followed Xiaotian, he should be left on to protect the natural Xiaotian, but those who have or who told his teammates that even brothers "Oh, my safety, do not worry! Go home, your family's safety is the most important and I'm worried, even if one knows you're dead in the forest, as they no longer have any use for you family, the same can not have good fruit! Moreover, to stay busy with what you can offer me, but makes you feel uncomfortable not? "" uh "six sub speechless, for Xiaotian has seen him deliberately meant to please, I feel a little embarrassed He could not help but secretly sigh, this new small masters, not so good with people wait ah and clever, and always is the case. sentence, or even an action, other people can see it in your mind. Xiaotian smart , certainly not under his six children. "I still have things to do, you go back as soon as possible! go back later, I'll find you!" "Yes, sir!" six sub answer out loud when Xiaotian figure, early has disappeared in front of him. six sub certainly understand Xiaotian hunting, in turn began. Your message even if only one (^ __ ^), will become the driving force of the creator, please strive for authors Come on!
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