New York cafe is worth waiting 

2006年07月28日(金) 23時34分
Every corner of city hall mrt is filled with people. Even the citylink too. I thought my night would just spend on searching the faces of Huiching n Geraldine. No way! I cried. When i finally found Huiching, I'm exhurbant with joy. We were so excited to see each other since the last we met one year ago. We continued to harp on e topic of our history till it leads us to nowhere we wanted to go in citylink. haha.. so we repeated the same journey back to city hall mrt and waited Gealdline.

Since we had no specific places to dine, the followers leave it up to Geraldine. (Poor geraldine, like our dearest mummmy) She suggested to try out at New York since it just newly opened. And New York Cafe is as crowded as other restaurants, we obliged willingly. We persisted to wait 30 mins although our legs were crying for seats. But it's a great opporunity to chit-chat while waiting.

During our conversation, we realized Huiching job prospective is not as good as we precieved, but we were happy she enjoys working with her fellow colleagues. In my view, I noticed it's people that makes our work pleasurable. In fact working is a pleasure thing to do like our own leisure.

Inevitable disaster 

2006年07月21日(金) 12時30分
I concluded being panicky can bring you inevitable physical disaster. From morning till now, I tipped, was hitten by objects. I really can't speculate what will happen next. Hope these misfortunate will put a stop.

My knee cap could crash with the door while getting a paper bag from cupboard. Pain striked whenever I climbed the stairs. The pain still linger now. Oww.... I became so wary of the stairs. I avoid stairs now whatever I can. I was hit incrediblely by my water bottle in the toilet. My water bottle was too slippery to stand on the toilet paper holder. When it slipped, I simply had no idea how it knocked my head when I tearing the toilet paper. This is what we called misbefall leaded one into another.

Course materials collection 

2006年07月13日(木) 23時23分
I stopped tuitioning Jessie. I should feel energnize naturally. But I'm tired. I trudged to SIM Uni early to collect my course materials. The two solid blue cases were too tough for pathethic gal to handle. I'm so amazed how I endure the burden on my shoulder and dragged it for many hours to eat my dinner before I go home.

Just the thought i'll flying to BBK few hours later, all my blues and tiredness vanished. Tata in a whilst time and I'll back with more my bangkok trip.

Lethargic@ work 

2006年07月13日(木) 11時37分
Before I pen down my granny story, (Look at e duckling in e seat)
tis is how I feel at work now.
If I drag my work any longer, i'll be just like the dog grumbling "If you wanna be a Helpdesk, u've to open yer mouth non-stop".

How I wish pple r decieve tat i'm drunken so I'll not be bother
This comics strip is taken from

NUS is a treasure hunt 

2006年07月12日(水) 10時55分
My fifth day at NUS Computer Care Centre, where I'm posted temporarily for training, has caused me to fond the environment. They are many trees. I feel refreshed when bus 95 breezed through a lust of greenery trees before arriving at the centre. A lot of oveseas students began early school life to be comfortable with NUS. Many walking steps, giggling were drifting to my ears, as students or staff past me. Not daydreaming, apparently i thought i'm back to school for studying.

Superman Returns with attention 

2006年07月08日(土) 13時07分
Brandon is handsome and Kate is attractive. Brandon Routh(Superman) and Kate Bosworth(Lois Lane) really makes a pair glamous superstar. For me, superman handsome looks and seducing eyes had the gleam to captivate me before the show.Somehow, Superman Returns reminded me the idea of welcoming a hunk or bade at the airport. I believe i'll find no complaint if the show turns out to be uninteresting.

The duration was told 2 hr 30 mins. I seat the whole show like an hour. Probably I did not tilt my head to look at my watch. The show was exaggerating to catch my attention. Bullets melted at superman eyes and his bullet proof outfit seemed forminable to block away all bullets and injuries. Just that, I am giggling away. After this screen, my question was will superman become weak if his outfit is torn into pieces. Can he still fly when he lost his robe?

Nevertheless, due to my knee cap mirror injuries at the escalator, I enjoyed the show in silent pain. Recalling back to the incident, I felt embarrasss being the only one tipped against the stairs when the escalator had some mishap. The operation halted suddenly and caused me to fall. I felt awkward when Gary was concerned with my injuries. I understand he's being kind as a friend but irriated when he glanced at my knee cap a couple of times.

The innocent 

2006年06月11日(日) 18時06分
I love a tidy desk. I cannot forgive it if it is unorganized. When I was rearranging the things that were disposed on my desk, I spotted a Popular bookshop discount voucher on e magazine itself. Upon seeing this, my intention of tidy up moved to the idea of shopping. What an intelligent excurse shifting my task to shopping as it going to expire soon. Hence, I abandoned the task on my hand and rang up my faster approachable sister to hunt the sale at bookshop.

Banana wonders! 

2006年06月08日(木) 15時56分
My air-con in the Melaka hotel room was icy. I thought I am shivering under the blanket like the past few days, never slept longer than 6 hours. When I gracefully opened my eyes, I saw a tanny figure in front of my windows. My mind wondered who's that and why was the person waking me up when the sky was as grey as the cement. It was Dad. When I understood why Dad is in my room, besides waking my sister, I recalled I'm suppose to bring grandma to follow up medical appt with Dad.
We reached NUH early and our quene was quick. As Doctor Ang diagnoised Grandma's condition, she told us that her illness has stablilsed and her immune system was picking up. Dad and I felt ecstatic upon hearing it. Then I curiously asked Dad how this can happen while she refused to finish her meal in the history.

The flaw of Samsung 

2006年06月02日(金) 20時43分
I was spellbound by the ravishing look of Samsung flip mobile on the glass display when I walked past the mobile shop. I told myself one day I will own a Samsung cellphone when i'm still a teenager. I love Samsung and never would I cross my mind I worked for Samsung.

Friends spice up my day 

2006年05月16日(火) 23時40分
Little did I realize I grew thinner when my long times no see friends, Weiting and Gera remarked I worked out taking many meals a day. I am worried if i remain thin this can pose me some trouble. Well, it quite unconvincing if you see me gobbled down 1 full plate of dish with eggs, pork and vegetables at The Rajah Inn buffet this noon, followed by a cup of some masterpiece nuts left by Weiting. Only broad bean nut and I still ate it enjoyable. So no food was wasted. I am a nuts eater Hee..

Then we reminicised our past school and individual story of our life over the long lunch. I missing Satia, Huiching, Jega and many more when remembering their gestures in our conversation. Thereafter we sang hearty at Kbox. Many my favourite old/new songs like Stefanie Sun like First day or Journey were discovered and sung. It's been awhile not patronising KTV and I get addicted to singing after couple hours there. I was humming e same song i sang early unconsciously.
See wat Gera, weiting had done, left peas and broad beans only. Just hope i dun fart..hehe

I went on with Gera tramping around Jurong point despite disliking the crowd. I searched the Pokemon sticker in futile but revealed a toothless grin when I bought an organizer Jessie want. Glad things goes on as planned and back home satisfactory. weiting & gera really spiced up my day.

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