Best Birthday Ever

September 12 [Sat], 2015, 1:58
Yay! I turned 22.
I had the best bday ever in my whole life..
Thank you for all of the bday wishes!
It was making me so happy, it means a lot to me.

the day before my bday
My friend who I get along with came home by the car to surprise me at night without any notification.
unexpected early bday cake & gift from her!

Omg I really wanted this.
how did she know..

With fake autumn foliage in my home.hhh
I'll definitely display it.

Wrote in the letter that ones gave me before,"we reserved hair-salon for you. Go there at 13:00 and then get yourhair done and make up,like birthday lady"

Next step,stylist gave me the letter instead of them and instruct "Go to e-hyphen at palco"

they got me beyond cuteness clothes.(no pic though)
ok I'll wear it when date with someone.I firmly believed that the time has come for to date. Just kidding.

So then, shop staff gave me a letter again!

"Go to locker."
Off to there and opened it,

These jumped into my eyes.

Final step,the letter said "we're waiting at karaoke.Get in touch with us immediately after you lead this"

After We met karaoke,went to bar and being bday surprise!
There called "world ezo kitchen caosan"
So cozy and reasonable,really hit the spot!
Interior is chic and cool wallpaper.

Nice meal,champagne tower, juggling show with fire,bday cake...<3

We found reversi !
It has been a long time to play it. I can't recall when I played last time..
Anyway so much fan.

Next bar&restaurant,called "potetoma"

Opened a private room


Apparently the girl is like me.

Served bday-cake again unexpectedly,
and chatted away~
Enjoyed lots & lots of beverage

Absolutely terrific!<3

Its truly a blessing to have them as a friend & I will forever be thankful..

sweet ones are my definition of happiness.

past two days were totally awesome!
Thank you for having me organize everything to celebrate my bday,
Thank you so much indeed!

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