How to choose the suitable myopia goggles?(2)

May 20 [Tue], 2014, 1:27
2. Two different, when you select a product Cheap Oakley Sunglasses, complying with "low".

Eyes is different degrees of "stealth", it might not be too good. If you choose to buy this swimsuit must obey the words of "low".

Principles, that is, to choose their own degree of myopia of lower eye to buy. And because underwater refraction issues such as choosing swimming goggles on when you lower the degree on the basis of purchase minus 50~100 °.

3 degrees, two eyes are not the same, you can choose according to their own custom swimsuit.

Dedicated producers are always the most suitable for their own. This swimsuit in custom lenses will be produced according to the myopia of the most basic lenses and even astigmatism problems can be resolved. But the price for this swimsuit is also the most expensive, but not all companies have the capacity, now only the majestic myopia goggles can provide.

4 degrees, two eyes are not the same; you can choose to split swimming goggles.

Separation refers to the separation of frames and lenses Cheap Oakley Sunglasses For Sale processed, assembled in consumers when they make a purchase. So you can solve two eye degree different situations, but it cannot resolve the astigmatism in question. Swimwear prices are relatively modest.

Myopia goggles maintenance

Note that when using a few common sense can be possible to extend the life of goggles.

1, goggle does not require special cleaning should also be avoided as much as possible by hand or hard objects touching the mirror, because that would deface or scratched lenses.

2, after swimming in the sea or elsewhere, if the lenses lens dirty or caked with sand, rinse with water in a timely manner.

3, UV, high temperature materials and anti-fogging agent to goggle are having an impact. Prolonged sun exposure, can make mirrors, Discount Oakley Sunglasses lens aging, while high temperatures may be anti-fogging agent is compromised. After swimming, do not place the goggles in the trunk for a long time bored, get home as soon as possible after swimming goggles in a cool place to dry, dried in a glasses case to prepare for the next use.

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