Former beauty official offer the particular field "hackers" the strokes

June 16 [Thu], 2011, 11:14
On June 16, according to published reports of global times two former senior U.S. officials 14, in a meeting, the United States and China need to reach an agreement, the limit of network attack and some specific fields will be as "hackers" box.

Townsend, sponsored by Reuters group in New York at the Manhattan with the theme of "u.s.-china relations on the BBS, the United States" before HongBoPei ambassador to think, with the Chinese government to discuss network attack the difficulty of the problem, "no less than to discuss the missile defense and military space application problem". HongBoPei said: "these problems for Chinese people are highly sensitive. At some point, we must build a can of environment, can discuss in some we don't want them, and they don't want us in the field in a red line." some And former secretary of state Henry kissinger said, Washington and Beijing have very strong spying on each other the ability of the intelligence, the key is to seek a way to discuss the problem. He said, if you can't reach a full terms, relations between the United States may be because of a similar incident continue to deteriorate, "if a hard-eyed to deal with, will lead to both sides blamed each other".

Reuters said two people who are in the United States in several big institutions after hackers made the comment. In several government departments for Google mail and the hacker attacks incident, western doubts is China's act. 15, the Wall Street journal quoted former U.S. national security official as saying in the United States, with China's "network in guerrilla warfare" behind The Times. But Beijing has been denied to participate, and saying that he himself is also the international hackers scam action.

The experts said, let the nations work together to maintain the unity cooperation network security is never easy, because the countries of the ideology and goals are different. Former homeland security officials becker said: "a lot of China should hackers, the more focus on measures to understand who exactly what to do things on the Internet." Some think the crackdown on Internet child pornography in terror and to a certain extent and cooperation space. "Everyone agrees child pornography was evil, and is not willing to support terrorism." Washington international center for strategic studies network experts lewis said. He thinks, Beijing has many reasons to crackdown on Internet crime. "Nobody likes the network crime, Chinese also"

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