selection thong has hogan scarpe become a popular focus of this season

July 14 [Sat], 2012, 11:45

Underwear is no longer secretive process, the most eye-catching move, the outbreak of the thong. With the arrival of summer thin intimate apparel, with clothing models and accessories selection thong has hogan scarpe become a popular focus of this season. Select thong wearing comfort first, and thus should pay attention to the crotch position and fit of the individual body style outside, plus Seamless underwear rolled up this years fad, cotton breathable material or superfine the plain surface of the fiber material thong, with the hidden side of the car design, to become the best match when wearing fitted clothing. In addition, healthy and tight Tunxing is wearing a thong to reveal the beauty of the guarantee, therefore if the buttocks sag situation is not recommended to wear. If this is the first attempt thong, may wish to start with the big thong started is selected T-site wide. With clothing needs, you can choose the crotch is only about 1.5-2 cm wide, "Ding" more in line with the trace. As for some thong behind only a thin band that is more demanding to trace the effect, or worn by the hoagan outlet models for the stage need.

Washing the clothes of different fabrics up can not be generalized, want clothes and live longer, wash up skills essential. The following describes several common fabric laundry. Cotton fabric --- cotton fabric, alkali resistance, acid resistance, heat resistance, available soap or detergent washing. Before washing, can be placed in the water to soak a few minutes, but should not be too long, so as not hogan 2012 to color damage. The lingerie is not soaked with hot water, so as to prevent perspiration in protein coagulation and adhesion clothing, yellow sweat stain. With clothing detergent, the best water temperature is 40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃. Rinse, hogan donna can grasp the "small number" approach, that is, each rinse does not necessarily use a lot of water to wash a few times. Each wash after should be wrung out, and then a second flush, in order to improve washing efficiency. Drying clothes in the shade, avoid exposure to strong sunlight, so that the fading of colored fabrics. Hemp fabric --- flax fiber hardened, and poor cohesion. Washing, the force than cotton fabric is light, should not use a stiff brush to scrub and rub hard to prevent fabric pilling. Washed can not be forced twisted, colored fabrics do not use hot water, should not be exposure to strong sunlight to avoid fading. Silk fabric --- before washing clothes soaked in water for about 10 minutes soaking time should not be too long. Avoid using alkali washing, use a neutral soap, detergent or neutral detergent. Bath with tepid or room temperature as well. Finished washing, gently squeeze the water, should not wring. Should be in a cool well-ventilated place to dry, not exposure to strong sunlight, but should not be dried. Wool fabric --- wool alkali, so use a neutral detergent washing. Wool fabrics in aqueous solution above 30 ℃ shrinkage, so the wash water temperature should not exceed 40 ℃. The washing solution is usually prepared with water at room temperature. When washing, avoid the washboard scrubbing, using the washing machine should be "light wash, the washing time should not be too long to prevent felting. Do not wring, wash hand squeeze to remove water, then drain. Half a minute is appropriate to use the washing machine dehydration. Should be dry in a cool well-ventilated place, do not under strong sunlight exposure to prevent the fabric to lose luster and elasticity, as well as cause the decline of the fabric strength

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