Who is the Christian Roth customer?

April 09 [Wed], 2014, 12:16
In those days titanium was used to make optical frames very light. Nobody dared to use the material and do bold pieces, so we were the first ones to do this and still, as of today, I don't think anybody has been able to create that bold look with titanium. This one is the wraparound, which was on Mary Jay Blige's album cover, No More Drama. We have a big following in the music industry.CR: Our idea is to do a collection every season, but we want our customer to wear it after. We don't give it a maturity date. I know we push the "it" frame― everybody is talking about the "it" frame and tomorrow they want another "it" frame― but we want our customer to wear something classic.Untold hours of video holding untold amounts of information,bottega wallet all amounting to little more than a gigantic box full of VHS home movies gathering dust in your parents' attic. We always pick up from our original ideas and make them different and new, but not too different so that you don't feel fortable with them.

CR_6.jpg Unlike most designers who make sure their logos are visible, Roth and Domege brand their frames on the inside of the leg to maintain their exclusivity.Is there a reason your name doesn't stand out on your glasses?CR: Yes. It's not vulgar, but why would you put a name on them? Maybe a message, which we have done, but a name? I think eyewear is meant to be chic, to make you feel good.ED: For big brands it's different… Basically you buy a frame and you advertise the brand with your frame. This is a marketing position that we respect for big brands, but our brand's niche is very intimate.CR: We don't want to be immediately recognized by a brand. We want a person to say, 'Oh my god you have a beautiful new pair of sunnies. Where did you get them?' But if the name is already written on them, then you don't even have to ask.A former child actress on Broadway, Zadora has been most-often honored by the Razzies, an handbags and purses spoof that hands out prizes for Hollywood's lousiest movies on the eve of the Oscars.

Who is the Christian Roth customer?CR: People who want to be individual. People who don't see eyewear as a mask, but who see eyewear as an object of desire.ED: They are for someone who treasures what they have. Because of our price point, we are not fast fashion. If you go to all those new stores they do great things for the price but in our case, there is no age limit because we have customers from 16-years-old to older ladies and gentlemen. But they have one thing in mon; they appreciate the quality, the design and the uniqueness.CR: There are a lot of people with good taste in different age groups,Robbins has been a volunteer at the Middletown Volunteer Underbust Corsets Company for more than 12 years and is among many family members who are involved. but what all connects us is a passion for beautiful eyewear and it starts not only by look, but by touch.