Chanel 2.55 series

October 06 [Sun], 2013, 21:31
I was an egg, my mother's belly from just born, it was a large clutch has been up and put bamboo basket.Cheap Chanel Bags Sale To the noisy market, I know the owner's occupation - selling eggs. I really regret not from a few reborn in a wealthy family.

After a child, came one dressed in designer suits, right hand tucked new handbags, dangling from his mouth, Mr. Zhonghua cigarettes. He told the owner to buy a pound of eggs, I was one of the lucky ones. I was very happy, almost laughed out loud. As I proud when he suddenly heard the composition network home.

President and owner of a falling out,Chanel 2.55 series the original egg to two dollars a pound, but this gentleman has deliberately took out a dollar, the owner explained to him the reason, the "big boss" stare master one, come

Out one hundred dollar bills, contempt, said: "I did not change, only the $ 100 dollar bills, you have to open it to find?" The owner is a small business, and did not so much change. At this time,Chanel Classic Flap Bags the owner obviously listening to this gentleman pocket a dollar issue rushing sound, so it will be another couple of friends and I gave this gentleman, and said: "I'd rather free service for you, they were reluctant to close you with a dollar, because I also have personality ah! "Composition

At this point, I really hate a little gentleman, and I really hope I can stay in the owner's bamboo basket, forever and ever.
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