Men's Make Up To Match Date's Make Up And La Femme Prom Dresses

September 29 [Thu], 2016, 17:47
Having more or less saturated the market for women's make up recently, the make up industry has recognized a possible untapped market, and is pursuing it with glee: men. As much as this would seem like insanity to numerous people, it's a decent idea, because guys can be as vain or as concerned about their appearance as any lady - and all men recognize this to be true. Men, want to look their best especially in special occasions like prom, where they wish to look good with their dates wearing lovely La Femme prom dresses and perfect make up.

Guy make up is not about appearing like a woman. Certain biological specifics mean that this is, in the main, a nearly impossible trick to accomplish. However, there are specific elements of a guy look - yes, even rugged men - which could benefit from the judicious application of some make up - including concealing powder which covers spots and accentuates the right kind of traces.

There are some other areas of a guy appearance which can benefit from make up, even though it pays to become a a bit more circumspect in its application than a woman might be. Women who wear make up do so with the full understanding that individuals will know it is make up - or at least, in the awareness that people will recognize. Men will, however, want to avoid allegations of using it.

However, the application of mascara could be good for guys who want to emphasize their eyelashes. When you have great lashes then you want individuals to see them, regardless if you are male or female. The particular trick is to apply it carefully and in a limited way, except if you are going for a look that is all about looking like you have make up on.

Anyone who turns down a man's right to wear make up is becoming oppressive and needs to grow up. However, there are particular things a man cannot escape with, and since (mainly) your dad can't teach you, below are great tips for using make up as a guy and not appearing silly.

1. Scrub. It must be done, since applying make up on top of dead skin cells will make it completely clear to one and all that you are wearing it and do not know how to apply it.

2.Use toner. It gets rid of any dirt remaining and any dead skin cells. It regenerates a natural pH balance and prepares the skin.

3.Use a skin moisturizer. The final basic step. After that wait for it to absorb before you apply anything, lets you end up appearing like you have melted.

4. Concealer. Mix it on the back of your hand until you are happy with the shade, then apply a little bit at a time. Apply with light circular strokes, going outwards, and then blend into the skin.

5. Powder Your Nose. Apply over your forehead as well as your face, and put a little more force on when applying to your cheekbones, to give more definition.

6.Wipe It Off. Not immediately, but just before you go to bed in the evening. When you fall asleep without taking it off, the make up will smudge as you sleep and it will be harder to take out.

There is more that you can do in addition to this, and it's also your decision to choose just how much you do inored to match your date's make up and La Femme prom dresses.. If in doubt, ask a female friend who won't make fun of you for it, which should be a lot of them.
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