Kobe Bryant three 33 points and the Los Angeles lakers won the victory over the rockets from the eighth with only two games

March 02 [Sat], 2013, 11:48
At the Los Angeles lakers to a 116-94 victory over the Minnesota timberwolves, distance west eighth the Houston rockets only two games of the gap. Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Kobe Bryant scored only played three 33 points 5 rebounds and five assists, and Howard 11 points and 13 rebounds four blocks, Steve Nash 10 points, seven assists, Jody - m hicks 16 points, Antoine - antawn jamison added 17 points and eight rebounds, Steve Blake 13 points, seven rebounds and six assists. Suffer heavy casualties of Minnesota fourth encounter, Luke - LiDeNuo 19 points, Derek - Williams 15 points and eight rebounds, Ricky Davis 13 points and eight rebounds, assists JJ - Barry and twenty points and five assists. Kobe Bryant a good state, on one hand help the lakers dunk 5-2 lead. Howard continuous score will points difference to expand to ten points. In 3 minutes after the lakers failed to score, the forest Wolf hit 7-0. The first section the lakers leading - 22. In the second quarter, CiShiPing easily hit three points, Blake continuous points, kobe Bryant dunk a dragon keep eight points lead. This section the final 24.4 seconds, kobe Bryant hit three points, the lakers - 47 at halftime. Kobe Bryant scored 22 points in the first half 4 rebounds and assists. The third quarter Bryant still take over the game, he continuous cast into the two record three-pointer the lakers ahead 65-51 14 points. Timberwolves got as close to 7 points. Nike Air Max 2012 M hicks three-pointer 3 throw in 3, the lakers led 91-75 entering the final period. Kobe Bryant has been the main, etc in the fourth quarter off to rest, Howard with bench finished the race. Blake state well continuous score, and ultimately the consumption of a waste of time, the lakers win easily.Dwight Howard after joining the lakers seem to is full of complaints, until now his mood seemed still no qualitative change, but at least in the lakers' 116-94 victory over the Minnesota's, "warcraft" of the show he would rather to win at least willing to do whatever he is willing to sacrifice - or not. Howard in today's shot number is extremely low, only 6, this led to his full only get 11 respectively, however, in today's game but also contributed 13 rebounds and four blocks in the defensive end, the real is played the role of the area. If kobe Bryant, jamison and m Banks these players play a hurricane in the data in the guarantee of winning words, so Howard is the incredibles squad, he silently rebound, defend, and blocks, let the forest Wolf cannot invasion inside. Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 The game "warcraft" very little chance to attack, but this is not his teammates didn't give him by pass, but because the forest Wolf in the game zone to limit the lakers used many times. Defense system is to contain the super center's best defensive strategy, because can use rapid contraction defense to the formation of double, just Howard passing ability quite rough, so the timberwolves zone on the one hand for his chance to attack is not high, on the other hand also contain the lakers' offer of a feed ball. Can say, the forest Wolf the game defense strategy is to put the lakers outside hurricane, also hope to be able to post mad Howard. Although the lakers Howard of various not great, but at least now he willing to win the ball and make the greatest sacrifice, that is when you can't get the ball, just started to play offense. And the family's's registration of war, Howard hard carried the young potential center, leng will play each other injured, and his blockbuster blocks is amazing. The fourth quarter and 6 points, 16 seconds, Wednesday, he and a short jump shot, see the ball is almost to the highest level, Howard direct dry pick the jumped up and forcefully will be a beautiful shot line to fold back, even the fans for his defensive performance and broke into a piece of cheering. After Howard has repeatedly complained the ball too little opportunity, and this undoubtedly is directed at the Los Angeles lakers star kobe Bryant shot too much, this is the beginning of the two factions. Nike Air Max 2012 Mens But the contradiction of the game but began to fade away, the game in the third quarter and 6 minutes and seconds, kobe Bryant scored on a break of time is a pull, still forced turned to try to throw, the ball didn't into is pulled to scratch fell to the ground. But Howard but directly from the back all the way up run, hand a will "xia" pull up, the scene is very "harmony". No matter how they each other not compatible, how to don't like each other, but at least now Howard will in order to win the ball and really from star into super blue-collar role positioning up.