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October 30 [Tue], 2012, 11:45

st, he is the person whom you have to see."Talk, the gold eye Shan arrived one side, however don't leave, but caution on the alert, the purpose of the other party not clear, although look a Si cultured text,actually have malice, who don't know as well. Thank a text the east conjecture the other party, western people appearance about 40 Mulberry Factory Shop years old, maintain very good, the skin isn't much slippery, the vitality absolute being is hundred percent, after sparse light hair wholely combs toward the brain, the bridge is on-the-shelf a pair of glasses, wear a western dress shoes, the whole individual has a liking for to go, cultured steady heavy, give person warm feeling. He while conjecturing the other party, the other party is also going around and inspecting him.Led a short moment, Mulberry Clutch Bags 2 people all smiled and thanked a text east to ask question first and say:"Do you want to see me?""Are you to thank text east?"The western middle age counter-questions a way. Thank a text the east walk to before the chair, sit down, start to raise cross-legged, order, say:"That's right!Do you seek me to have what matter?""I make the Ao call Si D, belong to American central intelligence agency."The Spanish middle age walks to the opposite sofa of Xie Wen Dong and slowly sits down. Is a CIA person again!Don't know to suddenly come to seek oneself this time why matter?!Thank a text the east don't reduce on smiling face of face Outlet Sale Women's Mulberry Alexa Leather Hobo Bag Purple and draw out a cigarette and spark, wearing a smile ask a way:"The Ao thou Si Mr. Ding , see I have what matte