October 21 [Fri], 2011, 18:45
If I'm not mistaken, nfl jerseys cheap now should be jasmine in the third quarter in bloom, take off to the spring romantic, warm summer, put a brought meal wind, filled with high branch, the congealed fat smile, hold to the HuanHuan circles, just install, and just the thin body the RongRong harvest moon. Jade like butterfly garland, in the branches, and in between armpit, swaying pose jade bone because of ice, such as bits of fragrance waft like a dream, like a bath in the makeup woman ", gently open the curtain on Tracy, that wins but Tu mi charm, and they were in a pair of WanLi in the eyes. And they, in the "LuE dew zi", "element the heavy" "days, float however if cloud to come.
The Mid-Autumn festival is just over and the month is cheap jerseys hazy, bird is hazy, I suddenly got phase four years of his friends don't s&n phone, saying he will carry net friend "thorns flower" to the city to visit, and this is perfectly WenPeng between friends of calligraphy correspondence, is secular, and is a cultural. I emotional autumn day pool to leaves "* * never margin, peng door today and guest beginning for you on" the joy. ShuSe initially revealed the moment, came to provide. Although in the eyes FuZi book linger between, the heart is in changan wandering way, as if that ShangShan man AngAng of footsteps, that DanJiang woman figures and gentle and graceful, the stubborn directly; I didn't know those and keep me company years of manuscripts are in to the, what does place still need to refine it. After all, I and the poet s&n, authentic packers jerseys has had the love calligraphy across century, had to ChangYin on the memory, have the blue shut the send-off wipe away tears; And "thorns flower" online text is sings communication, how many also with the mystery of vaguely.
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