Howard began in December last year

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 9:46
Howard began in December last year, during each interview will mention the defense. Poor defense, from fans to players, all as der Spiegel, danshuai why do not pay attention? "We have been talking about defense, and has been providing players demonstrate how to defend. Believe that our big come back, be of help to our defense, "after losing to the Lakers ' tournament, deandongni once cheap nike free trainer 5.0 again asked the defense. This passage is that he taught the Lakers so far, referred to one of the most detailed defense team how to walkthrough. However, danshuai was the subject of a take. Model defense on what is the right way? Also is that players are reluctant to practice defense? Lakers big man to defend it really qualified? …… When these issues have not been mentioned, danshuai had torn open the conversation began to praise the rockets: "they do quite well on fast attack and scored for the second time, they are great, you have to admit this. ”

Consider to trainer of recommendations, Nepal grams Republika coach also on xiaosi of appearances time has has a again of planning, Wooderson said: "in Xia one competition against Walker of when, I will to xiaosi of appearances time limit in 20-23 minutes Zhijian, and in playing finished this field competition zhihou, due to to back-to-back face Bull of challenge, to insurance purposes I nike free run sale also no determines is let Amare Stoudemire play, after all season is long of. Even if xiaosi truce, we still have a healthy Marcus Camby on the bench and Cort-Thomas, if doctors must let me limit the appearance of small, so I still have other approaches. "Since 2005, left knee after undergoing minimally invasive surgery, xiaosi knee was marked with the" fragile "labels, and also because of serious injury history, xiaosi were scaring a lot of favor his team. In 2010, Nick and the power to sign a paper for a period of 5 years, total $ 100 million worth of contracts, and it now appears that this contract for Nick, indeed less insurance.

But James's free throw was not very good. In James's free throw percentage only 64% before, and recent mine-Alan's point, James's free throw percentage has been greatly improved. Current Point Percentage James 41.7% shooting Super 54.3%, 72.9% free throw percentage, if James practicing good free throw, become one of 180 clubs is entirely possible. 180 clubs are shooting 50% three hits 40%, free throw percentage 90%. Union among the 40-50-90 Club player of the season, but not James, as so far, can top up to 40-50-90 Club, in addition to Nash and John Jenkins, only Thunder Durrant, neither Nash nor Jenkins scored 15 points or more.
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