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September 17 [Mon], 2012, 12:46

Firstly, I want to clarify that I did little rub Guild Wars first name, although I have the game since its launch in 2005, I left the sweet lands of Ascalon to immerse myself in body lost in WOW Gold For Sale one of the most time consuming MMO that is, in other words, and I think everyone sees that I want to talk about "World of Warcraft".guild Wars 2 has allowed me to discover a "Lore" (History of the world created by ArenaNet) I did not know that, unfortunately, too little and provided also seems my faith than WoW, every thing, object, person, place a its own history.

identify myself with my Charr still as much as with my smuggler from "Star Wars: The Old Republic". No mean feat when you consider that the personalized gaming experience was the big selling point in WOW Gold BioWare's sci-fi-Mar.A stylish Standbildkollage summarizes all my decisions together again and began my adventure. Motivating, personal, urgent - the introduction to "Guild Wars 2" is a triumph.No less impressive are the first moments in Tyria. As for me in the beta already with the norn.

and sylvari people well maintained, even at start number four is not bad. "Guild Wars 2" skin directly to the Epic Timpani. It is immediately clear in a thrilling skirmishes between charr and spirits.Buy WOW Gold After a few minutes I threshing with everything I've got a boss to a rich event. This gives me the feeling of being part of my people, to be in the middle. Skillfully me is the way the Charr culture closer. Initial contacts with NPCs are set to music full of atmosphere and can always detect a subtle humor that provides the right amount of lightness and irony in the game.

A very remarkable quality of "Guild Wars 2", I think. Here, although the worn out high-fantasy canon is chewed by evil dragons, necromancers and ethnic conflicts conspiring anew comes ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 gold game world far from going without the genre typical embarrassment. A nice surprise.The rest of my first day I spent Cheap WOW Gold exploring the Black Citadel, the monumental capital of the Charr. Again and again I stop to admire the intricate mix of early industrial machinery and medieval architecture. There are several levels connected by lifts that lead me to ever new walkways and platforms.

Everywhere there is brisk business on the streets. Again and again I reach funny snippets from acting, contending, swigging NPCs - the atmosphere in "Guild Wars" could hardly be closer. A great first day ends with a WOW Gold For Sale strong desire to really want to see all of Tyria. The game is out now for some time and I will tell you my impressions of the small hit the studio ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 . While all this is not because I still have a long way to go to become the equal of the heroes of Tyria.

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