this generation of transmission actually

February 23 [Thu], 2017, 16:08
Every time within the bottom of the biography of times I feel the ball is extremely high, hair flying, and very near to the goalkeeper, many from the ball is the actual goalkeeper ( cheapest fifa 17 coins reviews>cheapest fifa 17 coins reviews ) confiscated or even double boxing away, or else directly from the bottom line, and never like the general The finish of the ball within the speed quickly, I'd like to ask what skills within the bottom of the following pass.

First of, it is recommended to visit the skills training where you can play about, truly, after playing, you'll have their own emotions.

Second, said their very own views, this generation of transmission actually, however, the key to understand their own power, relatively easy to pass several pass is the very first 45 degrees oblique move, the second 2 cells and three cells from the next pass, The 3rd is by dual, the first 4 restricted area or the underside line around the center of the short move.

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