Athena: Beats headphones and Apple products perfect match

November 10 [Sat], 2012, 2:05

Many users do not like to buy Apple products original headphones, I agreed, because Apple products original headset does not. I still prefer the Beats By Dre headphones, and more than a little.

iPhone's popular for its various accessories manufacturers to bring a lot of profit opportunities. Currently, the iPhone has been filled, the iPhone has become an absolute arcade than a few years ago, Nokia N73, flooding was more iPod listening to music and playing games iPad or iTouch users also abound Apple products have completely penetrate people's lives, the surrounding shell carrying case like product is also the sales are very popular.

Apple products as the main audio and video, in addition to the shell and foil, associated most closely related to the number of portable speakers and headphones. The Apple headset is specially designed 4 end plugs, most headset manufacturers have introduced a variety of headphones designed for Apple to build products, including of course our Dr Dre Beats Sale, impressive sound quality and also have a communication function, so many The user is not satisfied with the original white earphone sound quality, and are willing to choose the Dr Dre Beats headphone products instead of the ones it. Beats By Dre Diamond Tears just listed a few days ago is a very high cost of portable headphones, many domestic manufacturers have a lot of good headphones Apple products already on the market.

Here I recommend for everyone several Cheap Beats Headphones for iPhone / iPod product use, these headphones some domestic famous audio manufacturers launched, the price is high; some international brand products, priced relatively speaking, are able to swallow, I believe, willing to use the iPhone and iPod users will not begrudge a few hundred dollars to upgrade the headset to get better sound quality. I hope that after reading this article, it is for everyone in the purchase of the iPhone / iPod headphones bring some help.

Beats Diamond Tears Edge

Category: Monster Beats Diamond Tears

Features: simple and stylish appearance, portable design, with independent iPhone-wire

Applicable to the crowd: young family fashion

Beats Diamond Tears cancel the mix and match style, not so many fancy colors return to the black and white colors and classical. It the Beats Studio largest difference in its support for iPhone and iPod products, the independent wire decoration can operate the iPod playback through the number of keystrokes, and connect the iPhone can use its built-in microphone to talk to, very convenient to use. The shell of the headset is still divided into upper and lower beam part, bingo brand logo emblazoned below the comparative simplicity.

Parameters, Beats By Dre the Diamond Tears headset frequency response range is 20-20000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 106dB, relatively easy to drive. Headphone earmuffs part of the soft leather ear pads, noise performance is quite good, more comfortable to wear headphones lightweight styling, especially for a long time to go out wearing use. Headphones the first beam with a skin material inside with flannel material filling, which can effectively alleviate wear pressure for a long time wear. Perhaps these are what we really want, lovestruck you will choose our Beats By Dre Outlet.

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