effective to build positive interaction mode is compatible

January 17 [Thu], 2013, 10:35
Through observation, I believe that the Guangdong team or change, really did not like the beginning of the season the game so excessive dependence on the United Arab! cheap air jordan shoes for sale This is not because the United Arab only took 15 minutes instead of the past is so scored 30 points. The data does not explain everything, after all, the United Arab

just comeback, the state is not the best. In fact, in the game, the Guangdong team in pursuit of the inherent fast counterattack, trench warfare is still prominent

multi offensive, the strengths offensive. King Zhu 8 7 through the cover of post moves after the three-point jumper, to take advantage of the weaknesses of the other

defensive personal singles team, by the inside scraping after the secondary scoring ... final five scored in double figures, and a rerun of "flourishing.

Guangdong team continue to adhere to the concept of team basketball, this is necessarily correct, but at the same time the implementation of the concept, how to do

effective to build positive interaction mode is compatible with the United Arab should be the top priority of its run- Guangdong team is not dependent on the United

Arab, but more is reflected in the defensive end! Presented by opponents in the last minute of the game and the counterattack of the potential, the team sent him to

play again to defense, through United Arab potent anti-complemen Nike Dunk High Heels t curb the opponent's counterattack arrogance. Eventually he used a nifty cover again proved his worth.

Guangdong team's dependence on the United Arab may still, but from the offensive end, the trend gradually shift to the defensive end, is undoubtedly a positive welcome

change. United Arab so strong, is supposed to be fully utilized, they should rely on! As long as the team can reasonably rely on their special talent to play at a

particular stage, will be able to continue to play the United Arab value to maximize. Guangdong has three foreign aid ", how can we not be hot favorite to win.

Laugh at themselves, passed a few years, still no progress, always some people who do not love their squandered youth retribution to now, I am old, do not have time.

Dog really can not change shit!

I do not want to not be lonely, and then let the other side squandered a little patience. I even think I have a congenital mental disability often feel his love great

to find any. I've been listening to air jordan high heels for women Karen, I understand him, I wanted to get back to simplicity, simplicity go. I can not hold, and lost. Perhaps the face of death,

the biggest regret is not treasure. I said, the past is past, I lost youth, no you do not have today, and I thank you.