Words that should be banned from fashion writing

November 20 [Wed], 2013, 16:10
A few years ago,Cheap Deluxe Black Halter Bikini Set on sale the New York Times compiled a list of the most overused terms in fashion.coup de foudre gown on sale And as accurate as it was, we thought it could do with an update.What drives style commentators to spit out such pompous twaddle? The use of exclusionary language presumably creates the illusion of ‘higher knowledge', elevating them above the plebeian masses i.e. we like to sound smart.Admittedly, I’m guilty of using more than a few of these words, but am doing my best to sound less like a pretentious git.

Confession: this fashion writer uses “directional” to describe any new trend she doesn’t get. Wait, someone thought to take scuba suit material and whip it into a peplum top? Directional. New York Fashion Week showed a collection inspired by the mentally ill? Directional, dah-ling! A garbage bag blowing down the runway? A fellow writer friend literally hashtagged this look directional.The fashion industry has a knack for taking entire cultures and turning them into “lust-have” commodities. The threads will then be slapped with outmoded descriptors such as “tribal”, “oriental”, “ethnic” and “urban safari", despite the fact they’re about as authentic as that pleather dreamcatcher you just picked up from Spotlight.

These terms seem to pop up frequently in holiday-themed editorials. Set in “exotic” locales like Cambodia or Morocco, they feature clothes that could be mistaken for locally-produced wares but alas,costume queen crown will set you back four figures and are actually pulled from Dolce & Gabbana’s latest boho-inspired lookbook.fashion stretch micro dressYeah, that’s sure to impress the locals.Want to instantly weaken your writing? Add everyone’s favorite suffix, “ista”,bikini string to the backend of a noun. At this point, anything goes. Fashionista.As a side note, if some condescending style “authority” tries to convince you that horizontal stripes or the colour white were ever off-trend, know that you know better and they don’t know what they’re talking about.