General this discussion provides even more food from the Union

January 05 [Sat], 2013, 11:10
General this discussion provides even more food from the Union, son of thousands apart on the first day of love in one, many people in the industry, including stern and said he was looking forward to him has made no secret of catching up with Michael Jordan as soon as possible. And international fans prefer Qiao Danke player is different than that class gorgeous the manner of ball playing, United States fans prefer to have a comparable body of football players General Romeo nike air presto sale LeBlanc. Aesthetics of different Americans love stronger than elegant. Therefore, if the last round of General by virtue of local paper voted one, is not surprised at all. NIKE forced heavyweight advertisers such as policy. For sponsors, and they gave players throw money is only the first step in marketing, how to throw money through advertising to take full advantage of the impact of these players and exposure is the key. On marketing sports marketing laws have made the following rationale: 20% budget to sponsor players, and then use the 80% budget (4 times times the sponsorship fee) for its advertising, increase exposure, this will it be possible to reap results. 2003 General Romeo LeBlanc has not yet joined the NBA NIKE will offer 7-year 90 million maximum salary and thus lock the status of NIKE, General Romeo LeBlanc's new contract is already over.

Don't let his baby face fool you. In the library, and under the leadership of David Lee, the Warriors became one of the most competitive teams in the West. When you beat the fastest fleet on Thursday, get team up to 31 points in the library, along with 8 assists, 6 rebounds and 2 steals. Library recently outside the three-point line in an impressive, two-13 shooting in the past. Libraries can nike blazer high sale maintain its feel is of concern, but he is also quite good, past 10 6.6 assists and 5.6 rebounds. In losing to Nick battle, Duncan played poor, 24 minutes, 11 points, 6 rebounds and 2 caps. Spurs also have to rely on Duncan, in particular the team a lot of wounded. When you beat the bucks on Thursday, Duncan is an impressive 28 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 caps, Duncan revived.

In yesterday's training after the end of the force, Bryant made the Lakers can't run and gun, one must learn when to slow down, Lakers coach Dantoni responded today. Dantoni, Bryant not only have superior talent, excellent working attitude and the desire to win, and the team struggled to be, quite frankly, made no secret of his views. Bryant once more to call Gasol low attack, and after the Lakers lost to 76 people, he even was spit dirty criticized old and slow. In yesterday's training after the end of Bryant were made, the Lakers can't run and gun, the slowest time, to slow down. "He (Dantoni) want to play run and gun," Bryant said, "when we have the opportunity, we will of course run and gun, but we learn to wise. When you have the opportunity to fast, you can't waste opportunities. But when there is no opportunity, you have to slow down. ”
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