Tips on Preserving Bridal Dresses

July 06 [Wed], 2016, 17:17
As we all know, wedding gowns are delicate things. Most of the bridal dresses' fabrics are silk, lace and tulle. These fabrics are very delicate. So you need to take care of them. The following are several steps for you to preserve and store your bridal gowns. Some of them are very simple and common.

1. When the wedding ceremony is over, remember to check out the stains on your gown and note them exactly. Tell the preservation about the satins.
2. Find a professional bridal gown preservation company. Remember that your dress just can be dry clean. And after the dry clean process, the procedure of preservation can be done.
3. You dress should be put in a good plastic bag. If the plastic bag is the one which you buy your gown before, it will be better.
4. Buy a cotton sheet which contains a little synthetic fiber. When you buy it, it cannot be non-dyed and unbleached.
5. Wash the cotton sheet in hot water. And make it free from extra dirt. Don't use any detergent while washing it.

6. Use this cotton sheet to wrap your wedding gown and then put it in the good plastic bag.
7. When you send your gown to the preservation company, you need to make them aware of the locations of the stains. It will be handy for them to give exact process to the gown.
8. After the dry cleaning is over, pack the gown in archival-quality acid-free tissue paper.
9. Put high quality tissue papers in between the folds can prevent the permanent wrinkles after the dry clean and preservation process.
10. Use a vacuum-sealed storage box to store the wedding dress.
11. Keep the gown in a dry place. Make it away from water and sunlight.
12. Check your gown from time to time. If there are new stains, follow the steps above.

There is a process and method behind wedding dress preservation that should be followed, especially if you want it to remain beautiful for decades to come.

No matter what kind of method you use, make sure that the all processes and steps are right and proper. To most women and girls, the other things of the wedding ceremony, like invitations, flowers, wedding cakes are not as important as the wedding gown. The wedding dress is perhaps the most important reminder of the love that is exchanged on a wedding day, aside from the rings.
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