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September 07 [Sat], 2013, 16:20
Yes, he is the world's strongest defender! (YAO is the first center, some expect the two of them co-) in the NBA, Kobe Bryant basketball with his amazing talent, beyond the most formal university drafted players. He both in jumping, shooting, breaking both have when superstars Michael? Jordan's shadow, it is considered the god of basketball Michael Jordan one of the most powerful successor; most influential in today's NBA, most iconic superstar temperament . Only 26-year-old became the NBA's youngest scoring more than 10,000 persons; to the main identity three times won the NBA championship rings; seven consecutive times since 1998 to participate in All-Star And both starter (99 years due to labor disputes without competition); 3-time NBA Team of the Year, three-time NBA Defensive best team; had nine consecutive games scored 40; has created nine third consecutive hit, a single field-thirds vote in 12 of the NBA records. Spirit Fox: Kobe Bryant is the body parts close a fox spirit, Why do I say? Because Kobe Bryant on the court as a flexible and cunning as a fox. Said he was cunning, there may be a lot of people feel disgusted, especially Kobe fans. But said he was not because of his cunning man, but said he was in the game when the ball like a fox elusive. And he is also reflected in cunning can make good use of opportunities for players to create their own. Bryant is more spiritual. This is because his physical absolutely first class. 2.01 m tall, 98 kg of body weight, coupled with excellent bounce and good control, it should be said that he was fully equipped with a new generation of night the basic conditions. The only lack is probably the domineering. Excellent physical flexibility makes him almost perfect breakthrough capabilities. The various actions in the air and proved his clever mind, and his mental agility, so that Bryant is more spiritual. Mind Kobe? Bryant's mind is very clever. As a good scorer, he praised by the outside world. His defensive skills are also excellent. Bryant positive gaze prey when the eagle eyes, with Michael? Jordan as a strong sensibility. This is because he had read each other's thoughts, with confidence. From the line blocking, steals time adjustments will be able to fully explain his mental agility, as well as the excellent judgment. Bryant is the psychological and physical players are excellent, and will make his energy and enthusiasm to the team conducted. NBA coaches often say: Good Defense! Easy Basket! (Good defense to score more easily exchange). Bryant's defense posture is the best model. A true superstar offensive to outstanding defense but also have the ability to save the team veering. Bryant is equipped with these two points. In addition to excellent defense, colorful shots can prove his cleverness. Although dribble to shot all need good technology, but if there is no quick thinking is useless. In Bryant's jumper, the same can see his imagination. The ball after a throw, dribble jumper trip after defense, rebounding the turnaround jumper ...... there are changes, colorful. Kobe is a creative player, he will be judged for the defense in the case and to seize the opportunity, nike free 5.0 v4 leopard always full of spirituality. Bryant's character upright character, like straight to the point, hate beating around the bush, on issues like inquisitive understand until you understand it, to save face while he never pretend to understand. During practice and competition is very serious. Right Phil? Jackson coaches he has been asked to comprehend fully grasp their own so far. This NBA in recent years among young people is hard to come by. Because the relationship between age, he never put inner feelings show in appearance. Bryant own analysis said, probably because the home because of their youngest, so I always like to watch, so as not to make a stupid, which is probably related with my natural character. Spirit made him unwilling to admit defeat in practice always go fight dryness. His life is not in the dictionary lose the word. Psychological Although each one good player in shooting and ball-handling skills are very good, but Bryant handling nike free 5.0 womens the ball in with your fingertips methods and other NBA players are different, Bryant with subtle feeling, in motion look around, and the resulting information is quickly passed hand tip, this super-class feeling is a prerequisite to become a superstar. Although there are too many coaches criticized Bryant the ball, but Bryant's scoring has also increased. If psychologically exist does not advance, then when shooting self-confidence and hit rate will be affected. But Bryant is always confident, so he always succeeded. Jordan played under the weight the more the more remarkable, Bryant also has such a good attitude and qualities. He believes that there is pressure only stimulate. Excellent hand feel Bryant, dribbling childhood is his forte. In middle school because the head is not high, so the crossover dribble and other tricks behind and became his focus on skills training goals. Kobe Bryant dunks and rebounds two techniques before entering the NBA can already be arbitrary. In strengthening the training of jumpers and threes now after him in this two statistics are not dramatically increase the number. In the final practice before the start of the season, Bryant is always special emphasis on the magnitude of the ball outstretched fingers feeling and changes. Dribble, Bryant often unique rhythm, to seize the initiative, do not give the opponent an opportunity. Through a long ball, dribble to distract the attention of defensive players. Bryant and defensive players in the use of space very well, do not give the opponent time to adjust.
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