2010年12月20日(月) 13時11分
Being back home is strange

Who would have known that it would be this tough leaving Melbourne

Yet the house feels empty.

My heart is torn.


2010年11月18日(木) 2時42分
Hello guys~ Its been a while since I posted anything! LOl!

The thing is

I have been very busy

leveling my Legend of Edda Char to Level 40 = =

I know it sounds like a waste of time (and probably is) but I do find joy in just playing a game so wholeheartedly, otherwise known as GRINDING. HAHA And I must say, I do have alot of tolerance for this kind because I can basically sit in front of my computer for the WHOLE day doing the same repeat quest over and over and over and over again. And not stop until I level up.

Some may call it addictedness or obsessiveness or moroness

but I call it



Anyways, this reminds me of something very funny that happened. This was before Joyce's Graduation. So Lynn's graduation was first, her friends got her a Just For You Bear, and she left it in our living room. I think this bear is sooo cute and nice that I decided to get the SAME bear for Joyce! What a great idea!

On a certain day before Joyce's graduation, she came over to my house, and saw a bunch of Grad Bears on the floor (which were Lynn's) and pointed to it and said

"I dont like that one"

I had a heart attack!

It couldnt be THAT one rihgt!? I mean, it so cute! Who could say they hated it! So I confirmed with Joyce

"Which one?"

"THAT one" she singled out the SAME bear that I got her

And I died inside


Just tinking of that incident makes me smile inside HAHA Although I cna laugh about it now, I was feeling SO SO screwed at that moment cause I had decided on the bear on behalf of the table tennis team!

Disclaimer: Not to discredit Joyce's taste, I sure she likes the bear now :D

Oh yes, Also, My exams are over~ (except Japanese) And they didnt go too well... There is a chance that I may fail one of them so I am praying so very hard now....

Only 1 picture for today~

Breaking News: Fighting the Wind 

2010年10月16日(土) 23時27分
The ferocious winds of Melbourne. You may have heard of it, but few have lived to tell its tale. Within the last month, the Winds have rakes up countless casualties and the numbers just seem to keep increasing at a steady rate.

As part of Charming New's Breaking Coverage of Melbourne's Winds and the path of destruction that it makes, we share the latest stories of the carnage the Winds mercilessly leave behind and the brave ones who are left to pick up the pieces of their lives. We join Reporter Charmy at the aftermath of a recent attack.

Victim No. 1 is Ms Posh Dot. Ms Dot has been fighting the Monster called the Melbourne Winds almost all of her life. Born in Sunny Singapore, she migrated to Australia as a child, not realising the dangers of the Melbourne Wind. Lucky enough to have survive to a ripe age of 3 years old under the relantless assault of the Winds through her strong constitution. Alas, even a veteran such as Ms Dots could withstand a foe such as the Melbourne Winds. Battered by years of exposure, coupled with a broken structure, Ms Dots passed away from her grave injuries. Ms Dots will forever be remembered as the fighter she was and her never say die spirit

Victim No. 2 is Mr Teal Stripes. Mr Teal was the unfortunate victim who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was initially not fated to front line the blitz, However, by a twist of fate, he was chosen to face the deadly aggression. Without any prior experience with such ferocity, Mr Teal lost his grip and broke his handle. And we all know, without a handle, who can hope for a new life? Unable to be of any more use, Mr Teal had no choice but to retire and spend his remaining days as a invalid.

Victim No.3 is Ms Kitty Black. Ms Black had been a rebel her whole life, born as a cute girl, she tried to distance herself from that image and wore black. However, it was also this desire for the uncommon that led to her eventual downfall. Determined to prove herself to her peers that she was not all appearence, but had some substace as well, she sought out the Melbourne Wind as a way to earn recognition from her peers. As we all know how the story ends, Ms Kitty did not fare well, her kind was not born to face the onslaught of such odds and her constitution proved weak. She did not last a week in her charge against the dreaded Winds.

The Brave, the Unfortunate and the Stubborn, their lives shall be remembered as a tribute to savage Mother Nature, as well as all those nameless who lose their lives fighting. RIP

Aw man,did I just spend 2 hrs on this...

The Only Exception 

2010年10月08日(金) 1時15分

Now its the end of week 9 and only 3 more weeks of school~. Im getting quite nostalgic now.. The Melbourne me will be gone soon and left only the SIngapore me.. The city, the school, the people.. Somehow I feel like the whole of Melbourne city is my Home and I feel so comfortable just walking around. I'm very familiar with all the streets and the buildings... ANd have spent countless hours just walking around the same few streets... It will be weird to leave this place...

Rihgt now... I need to change my lifestyle desperately... Im eating less and less... ANd this makes me so tired and weak that I cannot even keep awake during the day... This in turn makes me miss my meals or have them at very odd hours.. And results in me eating less again... Its a vicious cycle! I just cant break out of it... I feel so horrible all the time... I have a feeling I have lost alot of weight these few days... @_@ A downward spiral of weight loss =((

ALright~ just try harder to keep to my meal times and eat MORE... Please invite me out to eat if you are free... I NEED TO EAT... And not FAst FOOD or SNACKS or RUBBISH... but REAL FOOD...

This Lovely Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean and XIao Tang Yuan and Shaved Ice is my favourite desert~ Although Im generally not a desert person, I love this so much~ But its too expensive here..

$10.60 for a daily ticket.. Its daylight robbery... Spare a thought for us international students please Melbourne..

Yess Eat more please Han Yushan.. dont be lazy and fussy...
This is Pancake Parlor's Crepe with Bolognise sauce and cottage fries.
I expected better... but not too bad I guess

And yesterday I booked my flight tickets to Japan at the end of the year~!! SO happy =)) And I couldnt sleep last night because of that = = HAHA

COmon Han Yushan, you can do it~ Just 1+ more months~ JIayou~ pick up the pace yo~

Can't Nobody 

2010年09月14日(火) 23時40分

My horror week is OVAH! and I can revert to my piggish lifestyle again. NOT. Lol. Anyway, because my log of pictures to blog are slowing growing and so I have to post them up Lol.

I was walking home one day, when I found my path obstructed by little green stuffs on the walkway. WHat could it be? Seems like somebody scattered pins on the floor in a very organised manner! Lol WHat a VANDAL! However, upon closer inspection,

It appears to be the aftermath of a toy soldier battle! OMG! So I stood there awhile as a token of my respect for the brave soldiers who faced the fearsome enemy and the honorable death that they had encountered defending what is important to them.


Ok la. Now Im just waiting for holiday to come. Royal Melbourne SHOW!! I LIVE for this day! Its the reason of my life! To carry the baby animals and buy show bags and CARRY BABY GOATS. <3 <3 The ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT of the YEAR. Because this is my last year... I will have to take 10X as many pictures. Honestly, I should just buy a baby goat for myself =D

My BB CAUGHT this for me at the UFO CATCHER ^0^ so happy hahah

The colour of this picture looks so retro huh~! Taken by Jocelyn Cam.
Jocelyn Flo and I ate as this KOrean BBQ. I think the Ambiance is super nice~ but the food is SO SO only LOL

HAHA FLorence is So funny she is using mu PHONE LOL. SIHGISHG.

Im getting SICK of this COLD! Please turn warm NOW!! or I will rage... I want to wear skirt and short pants without having to wear TIGHTS Lol. I know I wear tights everyday, but I much prefer just wearing skirt ~.~

Actually still have quite alot of pictures... But I think about 5 pictures per post is the optimum so I will stop for today... I will post the rest soon ^0^ <-- 最近この絵文字にはまってます〜ずいずい使ってる〜


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