October 13 [Fri], 2006, 9:42
Today I am too happy. i sent him 2 pics & he said "kawaii"


October 04 [Wed], 2006, 19:47

Crazy Shopping 

October 04 [Wed], 2006, 19:40
I bought a lot of stuff on last Weekend. Totally Crazy....I think I use over $8000.....


October 02 [Mon], 2006, 23:40
Now I am in dilemma. I cannot put my video here. How come!!!!!!!!

If I change my blog to netvigator, i still cannot upload the video. (I think other people can do it but not me......)

Ok....if i change my blog to xanga.com. I don't know why it can't show Chinese (Of coz other people can do it and only I have the computer problem ALWAYS)


I don't know, may be I will use xanga later. I think video is more important than Chinese.

New Camera 

October 01 [Sun], 2006, 19:53
I bought New Camera ar. Its Samsung NV3. I hope I could take more photo & post it here.

The fair 

September 28 [Thu], 2006, 23:59
The Fair

The amber evening is like sugar, in that lovely faraway place
You didn't wear any makeup but I fell madly in love with your face
The evening lengthens my shadow and along with it my thoughts of you
The entrance ticket in my hand keeps me company as I count sheep

The peppermint lawn so fragrant/ like wind it has no shape
But I can remember clearly your face and that air you've got
The cold air and the glass in the early morning are crystalline
Like the way you see through me and my feelings for you

A dazzling sun hangs over the stall
I quietly sat down right next to you
I smile in silence and savor
How disconcerted you are

The blazing sun over my head
All I want to do is to hold up a parasol for you
You lean against my shoulder
Breath deeply, so afraid of forgetting anything
Playing that stupid game of trawling for fish we started to talk
I wish we'll never run out of topics and the fair never will close down

The balloons in my hand
I pulled you along and wandered around
I had something I wanted to say to you
But your eyes acted busy
I wanted to taste both the cakes and the jam at the corner of your mouth
The movie of the fair plays on
We agree to tour this world together


September 26 [Tue], 2006, 22:42
I don't need new shoes
I don't need make up
I don't need jewellery

U r the best thing in my life.

Tonight is too abso(fucking)lutely fabulous.

49 Q&A 

September 19 [Tue], 2006, 22:24
001. 最近喜歡的人: Julie Delpy
002. 最近喜歡的食物:cookie
003. 最近喜歡的飲品: coffee is always my favourite
004. 最近喜歡的電影:Before Sunrise
005. 最近喜歡的歌曲:Songs from Stephy
006. 最近喜歡的運動:nothing
007. 最近喜歡的地方:Park
008. 最近喜歡的事情:Travel
009. 最近喜歡的朋友:Same
010. 最近喜歡的品牌:Nike
011. 最近喜歡的課堂:Finance
012. 最近喜歡的coffee:Mocha
013. 最近喜歡的衣服顏色:一向都是白色
014. 最近喜歡外出的地方:Hotel / Park
016. 最近喜歡到M記還是KFC:want to choose KFC but Taikoo Shing 得M記

017. 試過因為一個人哭:試過
018. 試過傷害別人:試過
019. 試過玩弄感情:No
020. 試過愛上朋友的戀人:No
021. 試過講大話:試過
022. 試過跟不喜歡的人談戀愛:試過
023. 試過心碎:試過
024. 試過愛一個人愛得很深:試過
026. 試過暗戀別人:試過
027. 試過怕愛上別人:試過
028. 試過比人暗戀:how do I know?

029. 喜歡cat或狗:狗仔
031. 喜歡可樂或是雪碧:Coke LIGHT
032. 喜歡被吻的地方:neck, earlope
033. 喜歡被抱:當然
034. 喜歡什麼水果:peach
035. 喜歡的天氣:秋天
036. 喜歡的國家:Russia
037. 喜歡的明星:嬌, Aaron
038. 喜歡的Designer:NIL
039. 喜歡的球星:NIL
040. 喜歡的NBA球星: NIL
041. 喜歡的藝人:I luv model Janice more...
042. 喜歡的品牌:ING
043. 喜歡的英文歌:I wish u luv
044. 喜歡打日記或寫日記:same
045. 喜歡男生或女生:both
046. 喜歡什麼類型的男或女生:爽, warm, 智慧型
047. 喜歡milk:no , because of diarrhea
049. 喜歡怎樣的戀人:sweet


September 02 [Sat], 2006, 23:59
Everyday I work from 7:30a.m. until 9:00p.m.

Everyday people ask me "How r u?"

Everyday my answer is "I am DEAD"


August 27 [Sun], 2006, 16:29
請各位立即行動, 投訴去政府部門
要一本便利公開道歉, 為阿嬌討回公道



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