The so-called natural change of lunch so right

November 03 [Tue], 2015, 15:39
Neighbor Wang old man like to take excess wood to do gadgets to play with grandchildren, gyro carts Huai willow wood, paulownia wood Daoke pistol, let us jealous. He had been a soldier, do Ziqiang, very realistic after tied red cloth. One summer, more rain than usual to be fierce, glancing up early in the morning, his home yard a long ten years dahuai was blown down, my family down and a small two poplars. After breakfast, he crouched for a moment in the tree side

See I told my father, and began to complain about the bad weather: "I will not be cutting it how, very easy to grow so thick." It can be how to do, or what to blown down. "My father said back. He no longer words, began to clean up buried in the soil of mud bricks on the trunk. A few weeks later, two of the trees are cut cut sawing tied bundles sold stroll tree village traders. Front a large garden on an empty piece of land.

Like the old man came to our house talking, in the evening for cooking, he squatting near the door, a blue cap imitation, short brown upper body Qiuyi, a rag tied at the waist rope twist, wrinkled washed up yellow pants, Qinghei shoes, cough from time to time or two, say for a gossip, I see in wood, he turned away Buddist, confidently said: "Laohuai most boil for cooking or fire, paulownia, poplar, mulberry, willow will not work , no.
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