On the course of the right of way

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 12:00
In the absence of special rules, foursome group than group three or four game game group takes priority, and beyond these group to go through first rights. Single player has no right, should give any race group to go through first rights. To finish all round match group has the right to go beyond a round group. If a game group travel is slow and backward in front of a group of the whole hole above, should make the following group to go through first.cleveland cg16 52 wholesale online.
Court protection within a bunker pit
Before leaving the bunker, the player will be in his bunker in all resulting from the crater and footprint carefully trimming restoration.R11 56 degree wedge wholesale online.
Will be cutting the grass back; repair ball marks and spikes caused by injury. Players should ensure that he will be in the hole passage of cutting or playing turf back and flatten, composed of a ball on the hole damage seriously should also be repaired. The golf spikes caused by injury in the play of the hole after repair.scotty cameron kombi 2 at cheap price.