January 29 [Sun], 2006, 19:14
Happy Chinese New Year!!
This year is the year of dog!
Wish all my friends have good fortune~
Gong Hei Fat Choi!!XDDDDDD


January 28 [Sat], 2006, 23:17
Today I watched the vcds of the film "SWING GIRLS".
It's a really good film!
My comment towards this film is very positive.^^
It taught us that if we want to success, then we should pay more effort on it.
It is the only way to get successful.
Also, this film makes me want to learn playing bass sooooo much!!!
The enthusiasm of the characters in the film towards jazz reminds me my enthusiasm towards Rock & Metal~
The fire inside my heart should continue to burn!!Yeah~!!
I hope that I will keep lovin' Rock & Metal until the day I die!>.<
Just like the girls in the film, they love jazz wholdheartedly.
I also prepare to spend my whole life lovin' Rock music.{ロケット}
I should start learning bass this year!!{ガッテン}

Last Day b4 Lunar New Year. 

January 27 [Fri], 2006, 22:30
Today is the last school day before the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday.
Nothing special today, just went to school as everyday.^^;
Went to Festival Walk with Yvonne for 2 times!!*O*
Since she wanted to buy Lunar New Year gifts for her relatives,
I needed to accompany with her~
(This week I have gone to many places with Yvonne
What a special week!!)

This week I have spent so much money...
Bought a new T-shirt, eating out with my dear friends, went to many places...
But I felt very happy!!
I really enjoy my life ~~haha!!

Start using yaplog again~^^ 

January 26 [Thu], 2006, 19:27
My English had deteriorated so badly....
So I decided to write my diary in English again!
From now on this blog will become my English diary.
(Then I will not waste it!XD)

Today I just have one lesson, that is 20th Century Japan, a History course.
I have to say that this course is really interesting!
Although it is a History course, it is not boring.
I like to study it soooooo much!!
If professor can talk more about ancient history of Japan it will be much more interesting~^w^
After the lesson I had lunch with Ginnie (my classmate)~
We had lunch at SUPER SANDWICH, delicious~
(But I think it is a little bit expensive....)
After the lunch I went back to Kowloon Bay to have tutorial with my student.
He is only 7 years old. I teach him simple English and Chinese~^^
Teaching him is really happy!With no pressure~
His parents are really nice too~
Hope I can teach him more....until he graduate from primary school...XDDD
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