~something new~ 

2006年02月20日(月) 9時35分
i should go to school int his time...but i waked up late..anyway, i will go to school at 12:00pm
ccc66>Let me tell u about something happened few days ago.

My school had a polling day last week. I waked up early to promote the department of Logistic becos i 'm one of members of Logistic's cabinet. However, i hurt my leg on Thursday. My friends only laugh, laugh, laugh...i couldn't go to school on Frieday and i was so bored that i always found somethings to watch...

i went to MsP's home and play Ma Jong with MsR,MsC,MsP and MsA. However, i was a loser~

i get better now even though my leg is also hurt

THe hurt Leg~ 

2006年02月17日(金) 15時10分
My right Leg was getting hurt yesterday because i wanted show my Kung Fu to my friends. When i was falling down, they only laugh, laugh, laugh. Then, they felt it was very serious and taking me to sit down in the place that near me~

I went to see doctor and ar Lok companied with me. I can't go my school and i'm so sorry that i can't have a polling with my friend~

i hope i get better later~

Celebrating KuKu's birthday~ 

2006年02月10日(金) 2時36分
My cabinet had a classvisit today~and that was a great reverberation. MsK sitted my Law lesson and then we were going to canteen to find my friend.

Afterwards, we took bus to Causeway Bay to celebrate Msk BIRTHDAY with Rita and elaine.

We were going to World Trade Centre to take some paster photoes (i and Rita took paster photoes yesterday...)after the dinner. They went back home. Therefore, i had a girl talk with Rita until the restaurant were closed. i went back home at 1:00am


2006年02月09日(木) 23時00分
i waked up early because i went to sing k with miu, ka, rita and flora yu. We sang K until 4pm and then we were going to World Trade Centre to take some paster photoes.

Afterwards, Flora Yu and Ka went back home, we went shopping in Causeway Bay. Although we walked along all street in Caussway Bay, Miu couldn't find any Agnes B's bag~

then, i ate japanese food with miu and rita in world trade~~YUMMY~~~!

We ate dessert whatever we were very full~

This is the last time for me to see miu and ka. Miu will fly next week...of course, i miss her so much ...if i and Rita can save money in the lucky way, we find Miu and Ka in Australia~


2006年02月07日(火) 10時46分
剛剛我看了MsP的日記,我覺得she's right;得有道理she said in her diary:


再看MsE的protect日記,我覺得she thinks she好唔甘心,為何這麼多人defence我,she always也為自己辯護,she said朋友的感情不是用sms就ok,而是有心就得。

為何我said she is 「辯護」 herself?;?因為我覺得she hasn't that「心」,沒有「心」去記著朋友的生日,再加上朋友MsR幫我分析;,MsE打電話比我的第一句就said:「你已經幫左MsK開生日會了?」而且更是生日後才打比我,證明she已經沒有「心」了。

再者,我不明白she also為何要punish MsR,就是因為many fds defence我?

我都不想和she吵架,但那個「積壓感」令我十分煩惱,而且我覺得she不對,我真想大聲地對she say:「You are錯了!友情真比不想愛情ma?」

school day 

2006年02月06日(月) 23時29分
i woke up at 8am and goiing to school at the first day after long holiday. I was so sleeply that i always dozed off in the class. I would like to tell u that Martin, Hei, Chu, Bonnie and Simon were absent in the class and only me and Mo attend~~

Then, I and Mo went to library to see film, that's great~it's very interesting~after that, i went to Shan's hall with kuku.

afterwards, i and Shan went to Mong Kok and talking many things....i know i know....all things that are very troublesome and making us nervous....

Becos of lazy sister, i took MTR to Causeway to find kuku and 20. We went shopping and taking tea that was in McDonald. However, i afraid i maybe have SOME zits, we were go to drink Chinese tea~~

I went to Mong Kok with my sister at 8pm and go shopping again...we went shopping until 11;30pm and went back home


2006年02月05日(日) 1時22分
<i rowed with MSE today and i dun know y she forgot Msk 's birthday and punished me about failure of a promise in the last Friday...i know i haven't gone her school is my false...but i also told her b4 4days and she dated another people on that day....thus, i punished her loudly...yes yes...i punished her loudly...telling her she was wrong and defencing myself....

however, she said sorry for me in msn and ...of course..i should say sorry for her too..


2006年02月04日(土) 11時59分
i went shopping with Polly today. We went to Shau Kei Wan and walk along to Sai Wan Ho, then, taking bus to North Point~. What's the hell, Polly lent me money again...always $200, $200, $200, $200.....But..i bought 2 playstation I CD, 9 of comics, morrning娘 concert DVD, earringings and 1 file~That's great~


2006年02月04日(土) 11時54分
My fds asked me to go BBQ today but i dun wanna go! They asked me only choose going BBQ or going pub~i must choose one of them to go~Oh My goodness~

plz ~~i dun want to go anywhere becos of higher expenditure~

Today also is msk bithday~Happy birthday~

My School fee 

2006年02月03日(金) 14時50分
i coudn't sleep well last night because of the call that was called from staff of my school. She left the message and told me that i haven't pay for any school fee. If i still not paying the school fee, i will be ended in my university life. i was very scared when i heard this message. Then, i opened my pc at once and checking my school e-mail....i went bed when it was at 5am...

And now, i usually call the staff but no one answar. I'm very nervous and dun know how to do~~plz~~Answaring my phone~~~~

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