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September 08 [Sat], 2012, 12:31
Year of the Ox gold bullion listed reminder: the proportion of gold financial
Although from the Spring Festival, there is a period of time, but about the Year of the Ox gold products have appeared in large numbers. 78 kinds of specifications including gold bars and other products of the dozens of names, so many consumers dizzying. Many people optimistic about the collection of gold and store of value, want to buy some gold at low prices during financial. But to remind the industry, the proportion of the gold total household investment should not be too high. Recently, reporters learned from the Harbin number of gold shop, including the Ox Zodiac "Chunniu provide land bullion silver bullion seasons cattle Gold Medal, couplets, lucky money, good luck bullion, gold bars of the Chinese New Year, Chinese pure gold lucky money and other gold products have been appearance or about to be introduced Hashi market, knockoff chanel. These gold products based on limited or not, exquisite degree of pricing is slightly different, but mostly concentrated in about $ 200 / g. Year of the Ox gold bullion concentrated market has also attracted the attention of many consumers. Bullion counters before customers were more than customers in the jewelry counter. Today the stock, the fund market is not good, continue to lower the savings rate, and they want to buy two gold bars used to hedge against inflation, value-added public is to buy gold bullion, Mr Suen said. The public Ms. Chen said, her every year to buy a small amount of gold bullion, on the one hand, Hobbies Collections gold products, on the other hand a few years ago to buy gold bars now have the sharp appreciation, she is also considering an assembly of a set of zodiac bullion after sold good price. Harbin Central Avenue jindian sales personnel, from the beginning of November, the Year of the Ox gold products concentrated market, now is not a good financial situation, many people are choosing gold products they shop daily sales than last year, an increase of at least percent. For people like to buy gold products as a hedge against inflation and even the way of personal finance, gold collection, investment experts Liu Wei, regardless of what the nominal gold bars, in terms of its very nature, is nothing more than to be divided into two kinds of investment and collectibles. The most typical characteristics of the current investment in gold bullion is its price and the price of gold itself directly linked; collectable gold bars in addition to the price of gold itself also includes the theme, technology and other factors, the Lunar New Year gold bars can be classified in this category, limited edition embodies an important aspect of the value of its investment. To judge the value of the collection of gold products mainly to see the product brand, theme and whether a limited circulation, the less, the scarcity of the more significant, the higher the value of the collection, rather than gold bullion limited edition collectible value is relatively much lower. The people to participate in gold investment products including physical gold, paper gold, physical gold, including gold coins, gold ornaments and gold bars, working families may be appropriate configuration of physical gold assets to total assets ratio is around 10 percent, replica chanel bag. The source reminded, gold in particular, is not suitable as a family financial investment direction, investors should not follow suit. The current international market price of gold is not going to make a big purchase in the public, should pay close attention to the gold price trends, and then select the shot when the price of gold stabilized.
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