Monkey tree review-Practice English listening, speaking and writing in a good way

July 19 [Wed], 2017, 18:18
Monkey tree review, Is your English ability better? If not enough, how do not think how to improve, and gradually enhance the strength of it?
Improvements mean the extent to which English is promoted, and it is necessary to take learning steps to achieve the skills of a more skilled language.
You can improve your English level through key courses such as English courses, online learning or immersion. Or you can use your favorite English learning sites and apps every day, which is very helpful in strengthening your English!
Especially in learning and communication to make some small changes in your English study can play an important role in the journey.
Improve the level of English means that from the mouth that, writing and listening to start, it is not necessarily difficult to learn. If you want to know how to improve your English ability, do not imitate the following simple ways!
First, the way to improve the mouth speak English
Learning to speak English is very useful, because with this ability, you can directly communicate with other English-speaking people. But it is quite difficult to reach the level of proficiency! English pronunciation is very different from other languages, in addition, a lot of single word pronunciation is also very unique way! So in the end how to improve it?
1. will be difficult to pronounce the English word section
For most people, reading long English words may be difficult, but if you look closely, we can split them into parts. You only need to practice a separate pronunciation, and then put them together read out. In this way, you will be very confident and effortlessly learn how to read long English words. For example, the following three words can be read in sections:
Wholesome = whole + some
Antiestablishment = anti + establish + ment
Psychotherapy = psycho + therapy
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