do not see what can not be used

September 16 [Mon], 2013, 15:47
( ) After receiving perverted Canada Goose Baby's Elijah Bomber heritage, Chenguan Yun go at once, without a trace of nostalgia. There may be one of the largest number of a place , the chance encounter both friends and enemies too , for want of the attention Chenguan Yun , it should not stay . Chenguan Yun put away all our partners , including whistled across the sky , open the protective cover and ran. Nobody really come stop him , it seems everyone has already know , there is no advantage stopped coming , it is better keep fighting effort next places. Along the way, flying directly to a half hour , a figure never seen Chenguan Yun stopped down. Pulled out a map , fixes your own direction , so that whistled across the sky continues to lead the way . He was the first direction above three opportunities have been taken to the next you can not walk a straight line , you need to turn in one direction in order to get more opportunities. The next place is not far from here , Chenguan Yun estimated that as long as an hour may suffice. Before he flew to place to see a huge Feizhou stop there . This Feizhou pavilions , waterside Yantai , very beautiful, but it looks as if viewing features more than protection, not very practical , it touches fit in their own territory when inspections take a look at identity is not general. Yín .. Chenguan Yun also concerned about the time Feizhou down an ugly man , with this magnificent Feizhou simply do not match . The man in addition to the crotch with a loincloth , all the rest of the body **, of course, jewelry is not counted . He has three eyes, eyebrows long with a vertical parts of the eye , but a closed, do not see what can not be used. Nostril sky, Chenguan Yun suspect irrigation when it rains will not choke . In this way, hanging above a golden nose ring , Chenguan Yun secretly guess this will not be a cow demon . Ears very large, some jug , which also covered with huge earrings, two ears , large and small earrings together enough to have twelve . Red hair showing sè, stud standing , looks very perverse . Even that big, thick lips , also studded ring , do not know just decoration, or what specific function . Neck and a diamond ring, following a similar lock hanging something that looks like musical instruments , arms tied full armbands, wrist armbands are more than twenty . There are rings around the waist , the legs have ring Jiaobo above, there are rings . Even the fingers , are wearing full rings, toes have, really the first time I saw Chenguan Yun . Big world , full of wonders , Chenguan Yun shocked by this person's attire , heart secretly put him into a family of uncivilized savages , unwilling to negotiate in the past . But the man occupies Chenguan Yun had the place to go , it is a Fushan , the mountain has a cave , only from the hole into , did not move elsewhere . What Dunshu Not so , only obediently from the door into the room. But this barbarian 'd go ah, in the doorway holding a large Punch Bowl drink forever, let Chenguan Yun how quietly inside, broke in inevitable conflict. For unknown ability, a habitual attitude Chenguan Yun is able to hide to hide , not hide , only unreasonable, unreasonable barrier, then see who 's fist , fist hard ! Chenguan Yun put in mind of this man can not be unreasonable for the party , hide also become obvious to go , only to do it. Also pay attention to yourself , fool rushed to a certain account for less than cheap, back to start, is benevolent. Chenguan Yun quietly around the man behind him, holding a sword emperor is beneath contempt , controlling the fly that person back. This man is really worthy long with three eyes, Chenguan Yun hiding behind the attack North Face Hoodie , even by his hide later . Because they do not know each other but also Chenguan Yun perception how kind, is not like him , is limited to ten meters , so Womens North Face 2013 Sale not too close, there is at least two people on the kilometers, because Chenguan Yun 's vision is only so far . This Manzi really powerful, not only escaped the sword head tilt , but also to seize the sword with his right hand straight , palms a little hurt at all. Chenguan Yun surprised , this guy is a body good strong ah ! He blew direct command sword , this little hurt about this man , but a body surface of the skin becomes somewhat red, does not seem very serious look. Chenguan Yun 's face became solemn, body so strong, quick response , good deal . He grabbed the sword thing , also aroused Chenguan Yun ambition . Chenguan Yun did not retake weapons , rushed up empty-handed , ready to play close melee combat . Chenguan Yun punch directed at the right side doors away, he escaped the head tilt , the right to poke directly to Chenguan Yun ribs. If Chenguan Yun was hit , Reiki will briefly stop , for the master , the moment is sufficient. Chenguan Yun naturally can not let him hit the waist bizarre twist a bit , let the other hand fall , the body also becomes lost focus , crashed into Chenguan Yun 's arms . Chenguan Yun immediately put his hands around his waist, blasted reined in , let the other party could not move. Each reaction is not slow , immediately bow his forehead hit the Chenguan Yun nose . Chenguan Yun feel tingling while there was a soul came naturally release your hands , body desperately backwards. While the other side kick in the stomach , the two separated. " Who are you , and why attack me ? " The other came with jīng divine his anger . "The enemy . Devil , Terran , Chenguan Yun . Dong Fu behind you fancy a ." Chenguan Yun said succinctly . "The enemy ? Me, quite community, barbarians , Aguda . My sister went to this place , you can not enter ." Aguda really is a barbarian , no wonder so barbaric . Chenguan Yun was secretly thought. Estimated that his sister and his look alike , do not know that he is the younger sister sister , or a sister's love meant. But your sister go in, then out you go , that to me when how long ? Of course, to fight for something , and there are a lot of things do Chenguan Yun , wasting his time can be enough . " Aguda , you get out , I just did not move weapons , otherwise you might to die ." Chenguan Yun threatened . "I'm useless weapons , in short, my sister in there , he came out, you can not close ." Aguda said stubbornly , and removed several armbands on the arm , hands, rub, not even those in the armbands together , side by Aguda carry in his hand, while constantly shaking . It turned out to be the body of the loop arms , the body so much, it was how many weapons ah. Chenguan Yun silent, his hands enough to use ah , which will not be able to connect all of the ring is the bar , which is a combination of God is ? Chenguan Yun hands stretched it out, Raytheon gun in the hands of people divided into three moments will Aguda around the middle . Aguda hurry, shouted , even grow four arms, two faces , front and no blind spots , really practical. Chenguan Yun breath, this barbarian guy Arcane lot ah, on this hand , he would envy. But since it has come to this sake , of course, will not let go , be sure to fight a even kill each other. Three Chenguan Yun same hands , each holding a hand gun , the gun is only a Raytheon most comfortable , make up the other two are , temporary refinery , only low-grade emperor 's level , not very good. Two people you come to me , continuous fight dozens of rounds , finally, many people Chenguan Yun accounted upper hand. While playing , Chenguan Yun while also talking angry at him . " Aguda , you double the occult that bad , ah, look at me, is divided into three , three times to enhance the strength you gave up , and I 'm not going to kill your sister , just look inside, get what each with opportunity . " " No , my sister did not come out , no one can enter, unless I die , but that I was dead , but also you buried . " Aguda shouted . " Buried ? Then more boring , your sister out, let her sleep with me how kind ? " Chenguan Yun also whether he is still feeling sister sister, pick something so obvious , the other must not be tolerated, as long as he and his sister are pro . Sure enough, Aguda listening Chenguan Yun which then immediately broke out between the eyebrows that vertical eye open, a light shè in the Chenguan Yun 's avatar on the pubic region . Chenguan Yun had no time to escape , only to cross in the chest with a weapon , the result is low-grade levels of Emperor rifles, so broken. "Hiss " Chenguan Yun gasped , but fortunately hit the weapon , otherwise his chest was punctured . The three guys strong ah , if not out partners who also can not handle him short . Chenguan Yun decided to put it another way , he calls out a flame , fast drifting Aguda . Aguda saw Chenguan Yun turned against him with fire , very contemptuous grinned . Although they are not good flame barbarians , but he is an alternative, childhood is swimming in the magma . Aguda mouth also spit a flame, and the flame of Chenguan Yun hit together. Chenguan Yun Aguda obviously feeling the flames are flames wants his assimilation , he immediately launched the spiritual power , controlling the flame Aguda refinery fire . Aguda this very special multi flames , nothing burning sensation, but it seems to be able calcined soul , very strange , so Chenguan Yun fire industry, there is a feeling of lotus face . Chenguan Yun on the pubic region cloned and Aguda exchange that flame , but in the pubic region and the descendents of the pubic region can continue to attack, immediately rush confused Aguda , flames were Chenguan Yun refining, let Chenguan Yun small supplement for a moment . " Poof " Aguda spit blood, his natal bone fire even by refining, mind inevitably hit , in this moment, he would know that today is lost. But the sister behind the hole, he would never take a step back in front of this man hateful head , must be blocked , until my sister came out that his death is . Aguda this time to just help his sister , his sister is the main man, they barbarians quite Huang first heir, the future grace to lead off the whole barbarian , he was okay but only blood , true enlightenment xìng, less than ten percent of her sister . Even thousands of fight in Aguda , when the sudden appearance of the shoulder is a little hand caught his sister out.
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