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September 16 [Mon], 2013, 11:34
( ) Treasure House headquarters , a group of remnants playing with toys , have announced healing retreat , nobody knows Gezhu Why not come back. Only one person , the secret vice Gezhu Ning entered the room , came out less than a quarter of an hour before we go to retreat . Nobody knows what they discuss , but Wang Ning Ma on the high-level meeting . " Wang, deputy Gezhu , what makes you qualified convened a high level meeting Gezhu seemingly no retreat , right ? " Another deputy Gezhu Qian Yang Sen yīn strange gas asked . Most people call him the king Gezhu , only money Sen , has been called his deputy Gezhu . They Gezhu surnames are not the same distinction so open , not deliberately finding fault it . " The Vice Gezhu , Shaoanwuzao , etc. Wu Gezhu arrived, I naturally would like to explain why we are now the first and so on it ." Ning eyes closed, leaning back said. Well ! Qian Sen uttered Lengheng , close your eyes , leaning against the back of the chair . See what tricks your kid can be dug out , do not dare to usurp power in the absence of the Gezhu not ? "Wu Gezhu , you come, sit down , and now I have a message to inform you that , we hope that after hearing , remain calm , there is anything that we discuss how to handle ." Ning speak . " What is long-winded , and quickly said, I got things to do ." Qian Sen interrupted him . Ning Qian Sen looked a squint , wait a North Face Ski Clearance Sale minute you're crazy to try, Gezhu gone, who can stop me sit on this seat ? " Gezhu was Chenguan Yun killed ! " " What ? You know what you're saying? Dare make Gezhu rumor , Wang Ning, you are going to rebel do ? " Money Mori banged the table and stood up, he is absolutely the news do not believe. " Rumor ? Gezhu out what you know , right ? Now we are back , and you who have seen Gezhu ? Back all Injured people , and ye shall not see it what ? " Said Wang Ning yīn heavy . Gezhu did not come back ? Others Injured back ? How is this possible ! Not to say that the Wu family Gezhu to kill it ? With corrosive poison to go, but with enough experts , how could defeat it witch family have hidden world expert ? Qian Sen thought . "I'll tell you now , Gezhu to kill witch family , you want to expand our sphere of influence. Outcome is unfortunately , the news leaked , scattered repair neutrality Union forces led by other experts , combined with a master of war Telmar attack, Gezhu at this time, the spot was Chenguan Yun kill, he took only a trick Qinzhu Gezhu , two strokes kill Gezhu . " " a trick Qinzhu Gezhu ? Gezhu is eight robbery casual magic , Chenguan Yun Do already a nine robbery casual magic pinnacle it ? this is not possible , you lie, you want to do ? "money Sen has actually believe Gezhu dead, but he could not accept was a trick Gezhu Qinzhu , two strokes kill , especially Ning learned from the mouth . " Believe it or not , anyway , I believed we go out when an eighty seven, back when only thirty and six men , and a short time can not be hands-on , in healing , and this is proof ! " Ning actually know very detailed , it seems he is placed at the side you master spies , no wonder the place is confident to win Gezhu . "Then the king called this meeting Gezhu What does it mean , we have so many brothers were injured , but dozens of people to participate ." Wu Gezhu asked . " Of course, is to elect a new Gezhu , otherwise we rudderless, how to lead us play our repair magic momentum ? Now we elect it, I chose Miss Gezhu ." Ning looked Wu Gezhu hope from his facial expressions , see Wu Gezhu Gezhu of the place if you want to compete . Qian Sen is not taken into account , just when the deputy Gezhu , yet few people support him , he is the former who Gezhu Sun Qi , Sun Qi gone, his men addition to death , and did not die also injured , losing competitive. " I can not, old, and the next time tragedy do not know can not go through , it touches Wang Ge majoring as jīng Cham , I think you can lead us out of the woods , I chose Wang Ning , deputy Gezhu as our new Gezhu ." Wu Gezhu 'd understand , Ning since dared called this meeting , nature has already had a complete grasp, if opposed , they might own this position of vice Gezhu have gone, might as well support him, sell a good , later also Vice Gezhu in position firmly secured in the future when crossing the robbery also have more resources for their own disposal. " I support the king Gezhu ." "I also support the king Gezhu ." ...... No other money Sen speak against it, Ning 's henchmen began to support his election Gezhu . Qian Sen is有苦说不出, Ning already told they do not deal with that when he was deputy Gezhu election , when the objection Ning . Vice Gezhu on their own when after Ning Baibandiaonan , are relying on Sun Qi was firmly secured this position. Did not expect to just sit tight position of vice Gezhu , Sun Qi is now being Chenguan Yun kill themselves in this vein to be a downfall . "I also agree with Ning as Gezhu We are not in the election of a Deputy Gezhu ? " Ning elected since it has become a foregone conclusion , the money is not good against the forest , but you can let Wu Gezhu who served as deputy Gezhu , so within the two Canada Goose Camp Hooded Sale of them fight their own profit. "I see by the Zheng Ying , deputy Gezhu served on it, I think he is very capable ." Zheng Ying Ning actually proposed , Zheng Ying is Miss Gezhu The Young ah , this is the sum of money to the people you want to launch , did not think the king Ning actually spoke first , it seems short provoke their relationship is unrealistic , and only forbear . "I agree ." Qian Sen said bitterly . " I also agree with ." Wu Gezhu nodded, Ning 'd be a man . Soon support and support for Wu Ning Gezhu elders have agreed, Zheng Ying also became vice Gezhu , sitting beside Mori money . A plan fails , the money Mori animate a meter . " Gezhu old Gezhu is dead in the hands of casual repair League Chenguan Yun , how are you going to do ? " Money Sen very proud . Revenge , you're not Chenguan Yun opponent, not revenge , that men who will support him ? Let him dilemma , see how he answered . " Chen Guanyun not that we can deal with, but scattered repair different league , until Chenguan Yun soaring , we wrestle with scattered repair Union , are also considered for the old Gezhu revenge , and now for our Treasure House , only to himself, and vice Gezhu money believe it ? " Ning experienced replied. This problem he would have thought well, just wait for the money Nathan asked yet. Just want to ask some money Sen and tough questions when someone actually broke into the Chamber , is Ning disciples. Hmmm, lax Catholics , to see how you said. " What did you say ? Him a man ? Well, we 'll be right there ." Nathan asked it did not wait for the money , Wang Ning, even in the face of so many people yelling , beneath Gezhu majesty. "Now the three vice Gezhu with me, others remain in place ." Ning Having rushed out of the conference hall, money Sen look at the other two vice Gezhu , but also catch the last look , Ning in the end is going to do . Chenguan Yun ? ! How he here , just kill us Gezhu , a surprising catch your door , and was a man , I really thought I Treasure House and no one can kill you not ? We just use Rendui also piled dead you. Qian Sen this gas ah, his patron was killed in front of this man , he should dare to come , which is to come to show off , playing face it ? "Chen chief , I am Treasure House new Gezhu Ning , Sun Qi inherited the position of chief to ask Chen Treasure House , but I have something ? " Burst without mentioning Chenguan Yun Ning Sun Qi kill things , for fear of the Chenguan Yun provoke anger, he also killed . Qian Sen suddenly felt put this Gezhu let out nothing, to see how you treat your door Chenguan Yun , you can not bow to admit it, that I Treasure House Where is the face ? "You are the new Gezhu ? Yes Yes, more than the Sun Qiqiang . Sun Qi promised me all the corrosive poison to me, come get you ." Chenguan Yun said lightly , also played their dead Sun Qi Gezhu banner . "You fart , Sun Gezhu how we will promise you this ." Qian Sen no longer bear it , Chenguan Yun is right and wrong ah , I just muddy the waters , so that you and pinch on Ning . " Noisy ." Chenguan Yun Sen a stare money , money Sen even on the fly out, hit the wall. But he scattered seven robberies magic ah , even by a knock eyes , which face regarded disgrace . This look is Chenguan Yun Li Wei , just an excuse to send someone to him, he used what chant , the province this Ning Xuyuweishe . Ning suck down air conditioning, this Chenguan Yun really like the legendary irresistible , even a look so powerful , but fortunately did not just rebelling against him, or flying out of that himself. "Since we promised Chen Sun Gezhu chief , is my Treasure House chief Chen promised , I'll put all the corrosive poison to you. Vice Gezhu money , give you custody of the Sun Gezhu remove all corrosion poison Come on, pay CHEN chief to fulfill the promise of Sun Gezhu thing . " this corrosive poison actually save money Sen in this , no wonder he has emboldened the position you want to compete Gezhu . But now even in spite of Treasure House Ning 's interests, to say this thing out, you can not say no, all the old Gezhu hands. Chenguan Yun Sen looked at the money and see how he wants to do . Qian Sen bite the bullet , line and storage ring on the handle down and handed it to Chenguan Yun . Today rì shame , Ming rì must be reported . Chen Guanyun the storage ring at the soul erased, then open , and she found some bottles, which is corrosive poison . All get their own space , the remaining things glanced , nothing poison , it seems it did not succeed in the King Valley . Chenguan Yun also give money to throw the ring Sen , they took out the set of Sun Qi Need magic device , together gave money Sen , said that the Sun Gezhu say , this is a reward in exchange for corrosive poison . Originally yīn Shen Qian Sen 's face immediately grinned , there is such a good thing , is it old Gezhu promised him before dying , it seems to follow the old North Face Apex Bionic Gezhu really true that the future is not to find Chenguan Yun revenge. Gaping at Chenguan Yun Ning fled to a superb magic device gave money Sen , the intestines must regret the green , I knew himself took it, and transferred to Chenguan Yun ah. Now that everything is over, just Chenguan Yun Do not put forward any excessive demands , otherwise the elders and those who can not really explain it.
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